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Arnold Schwarzenegger has made us laugh, cry, get pumped and left us with a feeling of, "Yeah! I can take on anything!" Rarely has he been seen portraying a dramatic role such as the one we will see him in on May 8th of 2015 (theatrical release). This new spin on the zombie genre is called Maggie.

We delve into the tale of a young women who's recently contracted the zombie virus. Her father, Wade (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), has promised his late wife he would protect their daughter at all costs. Starring the young talented actress Abigail Breslin (Zombieland, Signs, etc.) as Maggie, we follow her struggle of transformation while she attempts to avoid being quarantined. The martial law that has been put into effect, due to the recent outbreak, will prove to be a challenge for Arnold as he races to not only to save his daughter but to find a cure as well.

It seems that Ms. Breslin will be stepping back into another movie of the dead, only this time she will be the zombie rather than kill the zombie. Being a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have extremely high aspirations for this film and hopefully we will be able to see a cybernetic organism face off with a living dead organism. Overall I'm not sure what to expect, one thing I do know is that it is a virus and it's not a tumor.

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