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Just admit it! Of course you have ever watched a movie that quite enjoyable but it turns out the ratings are very low. This time I will discuss the actual film well not really bad. These movies sometimes become our guilty pleasure. Check this out


What I mean with Carrie is Chloe Grace Moretz’s movie in 2013, which is a remake of an old movie. The film is based from the novel of the same name from Stephen King. The story is about a teenage girl who has the supernatural power. Yeah I know, the story of Carrie's own repeated again and again.

Why do I think this film is not really bad?

1. Chloe is really cute

2. The story of nerd revenge to his friends never gets old

Seriously, Chloe’s acting is very good as nerd who was bullied. Carrie memorable scenes that 'destroy' prom night that done by Chloe is very well. Because it was made in 2013, of course, the film is also added to the effect that even seemingly 'real'. The film also stars a lot of great actors such as Julianne Moore as Carrie’s mother and Ansel Elgort as Tommy, Carrie's date. I think this movie is still worth to get a higher rating.

A Million ways to die in the west

Seth Macfarlane, the mastermind behind the successful R Rated comedy in 2012, TED. He is also the creator of adult cartoon series Family Guy. In 2014, he returned (again) with comedy movie. This time he, himself who acted as the main character. I think this movie is quite funny. For those who familiar with the Mr. Macfarlane’s humor sense, would laugh at this movie. This film has a lot of reference in everyday life and pop culture. The film also starring Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson and cameo from many celebrity.

Before I Go to Sleep

This is the Thriller movie that I think is quite underrated. Nicole Kidman + Colin Firth + Mark Strong. What could go wrong? Thriller about short-term memory and ended with a plot-twisted in my opinion pretty exciting. The storyline is short, dense and wordy. The movie based on the novel of the same title.

Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Okay, maybe this movie doesn’t have a sophisticated magic trick like in Now You See Me, and The Prestige. This genre comedy movie has a very simple story and (maybe) can make us laugh. Steve Carrell, actor who usually in comedy movie, become a magician which his career has ruined. Olivia Wilde is very beautiful and Jim Carrey’s scene in here are not much.

The Proposal

Are you kidding me? The movie was one of the best comedy-romance movie. Chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are very strong. Betty White as an eccentric grandma can make us laugh with her behavior. Seriously, this movie is super funny. The film is not only about love, but also about the family. The film must be in the must-watch-list of each couple.

Final Destination

The thriller movie has produced many sequels and increasingly gore. What we are discussing is the first Final Destination, the origins of the (lame) Sequel. We can call Final Destination the initiator of the teen thriller. Many unexpected twist and death processes that make us shivered. Admit it, every time you want to shower, cook, or do something, you always do it carefully because you imagine the death like in the Final Destination

Miss Congeniality

Again, movie from Sandra Bullock get in this list. Sandra Bullock is very famous for her comedy-romance movie. The movie is about an undercover cop who becomes Miss America contestant. Sandra Bullock successfully becomes the police that boyish, strong and messy to be Miss America contestant who is elegant and smart. Lots of funny scenes occur when Sandra Bullock tried to turn into a feminine and while she searched for criminals who threatened to kill the winner of Miss America. Bonus: Michael Caine becomes very feminine in this movie.

The Uninvited

Perhaps this is one of Asian movie that remake by Hollywood are still forgiven. The Uninvited is a remake of Korean horror movie, A Tale of Two Sisters. Again, I think this remake is not sucks like other remake movie. We can still feel the creepy atmosphere from this movie. Although there are several different aspects from the original film, the film is still good for a remake.

Walk of Shame

This film can be referred as the Hangover 2.0. The story is about where the main character faced many misfortunes after drinking too much. The film is quite fun to watch. Elizabeth Banks can act silly and face a lot of bad luck to him. Many unexpected events and closed with a pretty good ending.

Dream House

Daniel Craig, the James Bond actor, this time acted as a good father figure in the film Dream House. I think it’s a pretty good horror movie. The movie is about something strange in family that terrorized in their homes and in fact what we saw is very different from reality. The film is still depending on plot twist for the anti-climax. I think the twist is too fast. The twist was told in the mid-movie. The film also staring Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts

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So, What's your (not really) bad movie ?


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