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Like all Fathers, I enjoy a plethora of activities with my 5 year old Son. We do everything together. We enjoy going to playgrounds and parks, playing card games, playing with toys, etc. All of your typical Father-Son activities. Two of our favorite things to do though, are to play video games and watch animated movies together. Like a lot of kids these days, my Son loves Disney Infinity and animated films. That brings me to this thought: Why doesn’t Disney just make an animated Disney Infinity movie?

For those unfamiliar with the Disney Infinity brand, I will explain it for you. Disney Infinity is a video game that brings together all of the main characters from Disney’s vast library of properties. That means characters from Big Hero 6, Frozen, Monster’s University, and Wreck-It Ralph all exist and interact in the same universe. Pixar and classic Disney characters are also around. It is a fantastic game for kids and families.

That is what Disney is all about. They make entities for children and families. They produce properties that everyone can enjoy. Here is why I believe a Disney Infinity movie could produce huge profits for the company:

Name Recognition:

The Disney Infinity brand has been huge for the Disney Corporation. After Disney acquired Marvel, they even produced a Disney Infinity 2.0 so the game could feature characters from Marvel’s vast library. I would not be surprised if Disney Infinity 3.0 featured Star Wars characters, since the Disney Corporation now owns those rights as well. The Disney Infinity brand has been a big hit and an animated movie would only increase profits and widen its appeal.

Character Recognition:

Disney and Pixar are two beloved companies. They have given the world so much joy with their animated characters. If I mention “Simba and Mufasa” you know I am talking about The Lion King. If I mention “Woody and Buzz” you know I am talking about Toy Story. These characters are engrained in our pop culture. A Disney Infinity movie that features characters from past and present Disney movies would instantly draw in fans. Once non-gamer fans figured out the movie was based on a video game, it would further sales in that area as well. It is a win-win for Disney.


What is Disney doing with their Mulan, Bambi, Little Mermaid, and Aladdin properties? Answer: Nothing. Those classic characters and many more like them are just sitting on Disney’s shelves. A Disney Infinity movie could be a huge boost in merchandise sales for characters who are not being used at the moment. While Disney is already stupid rich, they are just sitting on a gold mine’s worth of characters. A Disney Infinity movie would spark renewed interest in many of their classic properties.


Studios love franchises. That goes for games and movies. Studios are constantly trying to build a franchise out of nothing. A Disney Infinity movie is perfect for franchising. There are already hundreds of well-known characters. Fans also already know those character’s background stories. A movie could go in any direction and create an endless supply of sequels for the company.

So there you have it. Instead of Disney Infinity dominating just video games, it could also dominate movies. It is a property that is too big to fail. If I was a Disney studio executive I would be listening to script pitches immediately. Look at what the Shrek franchise was able to do by incorporating classic fairy tale characters. Look at what Disney was able to accomplish with its Kingdom Hearts (Disney and Final Fantasy) video game franchise. People love crossovers and will invest heavily in them. I understand Disney is already experiencing unparalleled success, but money is something you can never have enough of.


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