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Jeremy Clarkson, has presented the show since the late 70s

On the 10th Of March 2015, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson made a physical attack on Top Gear producer Oisin Tyman. It is believed that Mr.Clarkson verbally abused Oisin all night at a hotel calling him a "Lazy Irish b*stard" among other words before attacking him for 30 seconds. The Top Gear cast and crew were filming at the time.

Jeremy Clarkson's contract (With the BBC) will not be renewed therefore he will no longer be presenting Top Gear. Richard Hammond and James May have also left the show. James May stated that, "We are a package deal." Meaning that you get all three or nothing at all. Top Gear however, will be renewed and make a return in 2016 with a fresh new presenting team.

Jeremy Clarkson has had his neck on the line many times, he made a comment about striking workers, "I'd have them all shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families." he also apparently used the N-word during a segment when he performed a nursery rhyme, "eeny, meeny, miny, mo' before apparently muttering 'catch a n***** by his toe". But when I watched the clip he clearly does not use the word and in actual fact nerrs instead. Also most recently the three Presenters were set up to have license plates during filming 2014's Top Gear Christmas Special. the license plate read; FLK H982 which refers to the Falklands war in 1982. And now Jezza has made an assault on a producer. Mr.Clarkson says he's relaxed about being suspended. But in relation to this incident, Jeremy drinks whilst writing episodes of Top Gear. He was pressured when he had to write an additional 4 episodes of the 6 episode run. The Three presenter commented on the BBC's one-off special "A Night With Top Gear" that they are always late with the episodes but always get it done in time for Sunday night. So was Jeremy drunk during the night of the attack? Was Mr.Clarkson aware of his actions? Jeremy has attack Piers Morgan before at a party where obviously there was alcohol. So is he violent when he is drunk? Maybe he is. So in his defense, he should have admitted that he has alcohol problems or maybe he's an alcoholic and said he's going to go away for a few months or a year to rehab so he can recover and get back to Top Gear before he attack Mr.Tyman.

Jeremy regrets these actions and has said to people to leave Ois alone after many people have threatened Mr.Tyman in relation to these actions. Tony Hall the "Beeb's" Boss has also received death threats for not renewing Clarkson's contract. But Clarkson, Hammond and May have planned to fly over to Sydney to make their own Top Gear live of 40,000 people over a two-day period.

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