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This is a ranking of all superhero shows currently on TV.

6. Constantine

With Arrow setting the bar super high, NBC has even admitted to hopping on the superhero bandwagon and rushed Constantine into development. If the network had given it more time to get developed, I have a feeling it would be a better television show. It is a fine show, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't live up to the standards. It is likely to get cancelled by NBC, and hopefully moved to another network (The new season of Community is great, so I suggest Yahoo! Screen)

5. Agent Carter

It pains me to put it here, but with Gotham and Agents delivering awesomeness in the first quarter of 2015, Agent Carter has to be down here. I am so sorry. Some of it felt kind of forced, and there where some characters that felt really unnecesary. If it had a longer season, it could be fully fleshed out and might be able to compete with the higher ups

3(tie) Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD started out as Agents of SHIT basically, but that was due to them having to change almost the shows whole premise due to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After that film though, the show was one of the best on TV (in my opinion). Adding the Inhumans in Season 2 was a nice touch, because I was starting to get a little bit of a HYDRA overdose.

3.(tie) Gotham

Gotham was dabbling between dark and corny nearly all series, and the show became "The Adventures of Baby Batman", but the show has picked up speed (hint hint) with more and more of Batman's rogues gallery being introduced, I am begging for more, especially Jerome (The Joker, seen above). The Penguin has been, by far, my favorite character, and I am hoping to see what will happen next every Tuesday (I use Hulu)

(I have to decide between Arrow and Flash, so vote on it, but I have the final decision)

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Is Arrow or The Flash better?


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