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So guys, phase three is fast approaching and many of us are worried about the fate of our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe. What will happen next? Will they end the franchise? What is going to happen?

Well I for one have four theories.

1. New Avengers

The first of which is the safest and most likely bet for them, and that is a New Avengers franchise. With our current cast having been around for a while, Marvel may decide to take their new heroes and put them all together in a new Avengers squad. Who will be on the team?

Well, from what I can tell, the team would be:

  • Spider-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Doctor Strange
  • Captain Marvel
  • Luke Cage
  • Iron Fist
  • Jewel
  • Ant-Man

This would a smart way to allow for cameos and appearances of the old cast, while also sort of rebooting the franchise. They wouldn't be tied down to the same stories and they could really have a lot of fun with them.

Of course we would also see the Inhumans show up as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, but the point is, the focus will be on the new characters.

2. Secret War

If there is an event that could destroy every other event that has happened in the Marvel universe so far, it's Secret War. The way I see it happening, there would be two different stories. One would be a series of films that follows the events of the Secret War with the heroes and villains all battling it out on Battleworld. This would be the greatest feat Marvel could accomplish by having all of our favorites characters in the same place battling. This is the greatest thing that any fan can imagine.

The second part of the arc would be about Nick Fury putting together a new team of characters that we have never seen before. This would be a great way to shine the light on some great characters that we wouldn't usually see. It would be fun, lighthearted and it would also be the end to a great franchise.

3. Golden Age Avengers

Ant-Man, Namor, Agent Carter, Balder (a norse god) and Mainframe. They would be an incredible team and how awesome would it be to see the Avengers in the old days? We all know how much we loved Agent Carter, and I feel that this could be just as successful. We would see Hank Pym as the Ant-Man and fans like me who are heartbroken that he isn't Ant-Man in the upcoming movie would be thrilled to see him in action. Namor has had a history in the comics with being a hero in the past. He fought alongside Captain America and Nick Fury so he's been a superhero as long and possibly longer than the Captain. And seeing him be an onscreen Avenger would awesome. We love Peggy Carter. We do. Why? Why not?! She kicks all the butts and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She is one of the strongest female characters ever and seeing her lead the team would be incredible. Balder is a character that we haven't met yet, but he's a Norse god and close friend of Thor. A lot of us have wondered why he hasn't shown up yet seeing as he was so close to Thor in the comics. I think that having him leave Asgard decades before the events of Thor and becoming a hero on Earth would satisfy everyone. Besides, everybody loves an Asgardian. This one is a stretch, but Mainframe could work. In the comics he's a android developed by Tony to take the place of Iron Man after Tony retires. In this version, he would be created by Howard Stark to help the team. It would be fun. It would be awesome, and we'd get some background and history about the Marvel universe.

But this is essentially my dream and isn't very likely.

4. They end it and reboot

Before you come at me with the, "Marvel isn't gonna end it. They've planned for this!" hear me out. What if, in 2028, Marvel makes a movie where the original Avengers are sucked into an alternate reality and we see TWO AVENGERS TEAMS?!?! The possibilities an alternate universe presents are boundless. Yes it will suck having the great talent that has already been established wiped away, but imagine the feelings that you'll have when you see a crossover? It would be incredible to us fans now, and the fans of the future.

Also, we could see everything that Marvel might have done, but decided not to. We could see so much more Hulk! We could see Pym as Ant-Man (I'm really not over their decision and that is a problem I need to deal with)! We could see a reall MOTHER F****** MANDARIN AND NOT SOME STUPID ACTOR THAT NO ONE EVER ASKED FOR!!! It would be so much fun and it would be awesome to see where they run with it.

What do you think? Do you have a theory of your own? Let me know in the comments!


Which do you like the best?


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