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This is what happens when I am online and really bored I look up facts about Disneyland and these are the Facts that I found most interesting.

  • In the haunted mansion there is a spider web covering a small hole from a B.b gun.
  • Everyone that works at Disneyland is called a cast member not an employee.
  • There are special tunnels for the workers to use underneath the park, and the tunnels open up all over the park, who knows where you might end up.
  • If it is your first time to Disneyland or it is your birthday and you tell the person at the ticket booth that it is (birthday or first time) they will give you a special button.
  • The original singer of you are a mean one Mr. Grinch: sings Grim Grinning Ghosts
  • All over Disneyland there is a certain scent... Like on main street the main scent is baking goods. The main reason is because when Walt Disney was alive he wanted, to cover the scent of trash, dirty Diapers, etc.
  • All the people who is a character has to know how their character gives autographs so it wouldn't matter who was in the costume.
  • When the haunted mansion first opened people wanted to scatter the ashes of a loved one inside of the mansion... some people managed to do so, but the ashes of the loved one got vacuumed up after the park closed for the day.
  • The toy story characters are not allowed to drop to the ground anymore when someone says Andy's coming, in fear someone might get hurt.

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