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Hi everyone, this is my first article, I'm just interested in posting about theories for upcoming superhero films and TV shows that I come up with.

So everyone has seen Guardians of the Galaxy RIGHT?!

Well it got me thinking about the sequel, and other possible heroes they could introduce.

No... someone else this time.
No... someone else this time.

Many Marvel comics readers will know the hero Nova, and he is an obvious choice for a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 hero, but how??


Originally, Nova was a normal human who was given mysterious space powers by a dying warrior.

Not quite
Not quite

But how would they introduce him into the MCU you ask? Well, the whole of Xandar was destroyed in the comics, and only one member of the Nova survived. How could the planet be destroyed???

Oh yes.
Oh yes.

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, the power stone is left in the hands of the Nova corps. Thanos surely has to collect this as well as all the others in order to start off Infinity war, and my thinking is that he will begin by coming to Xandar in GOTG2 and destroying the planet to take the power stone. However, one of the Nova survives, and either becomes the hero we know as Nova, or sends the knowledge to earth as seen in the original comics.


What do you think? Could we see Nova in GOTG2?


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