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So after last nights episode we finally met the Author. If you haven't seen it I am going to suggest you stop reading because as Hook might say "thar be spoilers ahead".

Still here?


The big reveal starts at around 30 seconds in.

So now we know not only who the author is, but why he was trapped in the book. Most importantly in this scene is August explaining that this is just the most recent Author and that many have been entrusted with this role. He goes on to list several people who have held the job "even a man named Walt". Subtle guys, real subtle. The Author was trapped by the Sorcerer in the book for altering the stories instead of simply chronicling them as previous authors had. He then warns Emma that this Author may have no knowledge of her story. Finally Emma decides to free the Author and get the answers she seeks regarding what the Charmings have done to protect her "lightness". The door is opened and out pops...

The peddler whom David and Snow assisted as he was running from Maleficent. Oddly David and Mary Margret don't immediately recognize him until he produces the brandy they had given him back in the enchanted forest.

On the other side of things Gold and the remaining Queens of Darkness begin to get closer to finding the Author as well. Regina takes a picture of the page with the door and Gold says that the "glare" is actually magic. He sends Regina to get the page from Henry because Mal put the entire town to sleep. Henry and the Charmings are safe due to their previously being put under a sleeping curse. Henry then gives them a forged page Emma created using magic. Gold immediately spots it as fake and Mal knocks Regina out with the curse as well. Gold takes Regina to her vault saying he has something that will make Regina do his bidding with only one look. Mal then requests that Gold show her what happened to her child after the Charmings took it. (They did this to transfer Emma's Darkness into it). She finds out that the baby was a girl and that she lives in our world and is the adopted girl Emma met (seen in flash backs) in episode 5 of this season titled "Breaking Glass", named Lily.

So after all of that recap what say we get to some rampant speculation. Bear in mind these are my opinions and not in any way confirmed or denied by ABC or the producers Kitsis and Horowitz.

New Author?
New Author?

My first bit of speculation involves the Author and his future now that he is loose. We already know Emma is getting seeds of darkness after being lied to by her parents. She also has the most potential for darkness, so look forward to seeing her possibly being (even if only temporarily) a villain. What happens though after the Author is caught and removed from power? Will there be a new Author as the Sorcerer is now dead?

I believe the Answer is yes and the perfect candidate is the "Truest Believer" Henry. I think that as season 4 wraps up Henry will be the new Author and he will be tasked with recording these stories without influencing them. Of course he'll tweak Regina's tale to account for her redemption and give her the Happily Ever After she deserves.

Or is it him?
Or is it him?

Another possible candidate for the new Author is our good friend Pinocchio aka August. Having spent so much time with the book, August already has a great working knowledge of the magic behind the book. Couple that with his being less a main Character and more a recurring one and we have an effective way of writing the guy more story line without having to keep the actor on full time payroll.

(Tiger?) Lily
(Tiger?) Lily

What does the knowledge of her daughter being alive and well mean for Maleficent? More importantly, if Emma allows darkness in and becomes a villain what does that mean for Lily? Also does this help to explain why Lily and Emma bonded so easily before?

I think the Lily story arc could be Maleficent's, Emma's, Regina's and the Charming's redemption. Also throw in the fact that later this season there is an entire episode dedicated to Lily and we have the makings of a recurring character. Could she be a love interest for August?

Careful deary.
Careful deary.

In one of the more touching scenes from this week Gold spends time talking to Belle whilst she is under Mal's curse. (Actually as I typed that it seems kind of creepy.) He tells her he is changing the rules for her but he doesn't have much time. He tells her he'll come back for her if he can. How then does the Author fit into Rumpelstiltskin's plan? Lets not forget that he has the dagger back as well. What is he cooking up and does he intend to betray Maleficent and Cruella again? Why also is he willing to risk Henry which is his last remaining link to Neal/Baelfire?

Well whatever the future holds, I await with baited breath.

So tell me what you think? Are these theories plausible? Have a better one you want to share? Comment below.


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