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UPDATE: I have come to know, that this is a work of an individual artist named Lewis Fischer who does fan art for comic book stuff, Sorry for the misdirection people.

Hey guys, I was at my usual news hunting mode, which means keeping track of every single article from dozens of websites, and keeping track of every single discussion from various online boards and also tweets from various people from around the globe and I gotta hug myself for that habit, because today while carrying out similar tasks I came across concepts arts which were alleged to be the look of [Cyborg](movie:1043082) for the upcoming DC movies such as Batman vs Superman, and without further delay here it is.


Well for the sake of information, this was posted by an anonymous person on 4Chan discussion boards, he said this is a possible design inspiration for the character. It's extremely easy to discredit this information as fan art, but c'mon creating a design like this would take weeks or sometimes even a month or more for a single person and that person would really make sure that this gets marketed as his work, In other words there would at least be a single digital autograph by the creator, no one would work this hard and publish this as an anonymous post with zero credit, not unless he's a real life Joker.

But at the other hand I am not saying this is THE official design which will make it's way to Batman vs Superman, no I will never say that, because more than anything else this piece of work looks like preliminary concept tests that usually happens all throughout pre production that's the sole reason why there are 3 variations of the same character in a single frame. In other words it means focus testing, translation, testing your concept with the general people/audience to understand what may be liked or disliked before making a decision or helping you make a better decision with the data. So this might be a sign of what Cyborg MAY eventually look like when he finally appears, not exactly the same but somewhat similar.

Nonetheless the practical or grounded design is clearly visible and matches perfectly with the rest of the costumes revealed so far and it clearly doesn't look like a rip off of Iron Man or War Machine in any way, which further cements the fact that this might be a legitimate concept work by the people involved in the production of the movie.

But don't be excited, I still believe that Cyborg will not appear in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) instead he will appear as Victor Stone (his pre transformation persona) And these concepts might be the preliminary tests of upcoming Justice League movie.


Do you think this is the right way to treat Cyborg visually.


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