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Julius Kenna

Here are 10 fact's about the band '5sos'. Some you may know, some you may not.

1. Luke, Michael and Calum all went to the same Collage and started the band, then in 2011 Ashton joined.

2. Michael came up with the name in a math's lesson, 5sos so that the 5sosFam could add their name to the end of it. The other boys hated it.

3. Luke Hemmings has Oprah Winfrey's number saved on his phone!

4. Michael Clifford's favorite word is 'Cheeseburger'. Why not?

5. They one thought of going on the X Factor but they did't want X Factor label attached to them.

6. They all have to brush their teeth just before going on stage, Even though nobody's going to smell their breath or see how clean their teeth are, they will probably just be screaming.

7. Calum's Celeb crush is Katy Perry, Luke's is Jade Thirwell and Ashton's is Mila Kunis. And no Taylor Swift in there...

8. Ashton hated 5sos before joining the band! What?! Am I sleeping?! He said they were 'Douchebags'. This will be the one grudge we will never get over.

9. Both Luke and Calum's favorite movie is Pixars "Monsters.Inc".

10. Personally, this is my favorite. Ashton has a fear of duck's!


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