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Everyone who knows me can tell that I have a thing for food. And after re-watching Julie & Julia today, not only did I go practicing a new dinner recipe, but I also decided to write a post about my favorite food scenes in different movies. Ugh, my mouth is watering already so I better start!

1. It's Complicated

A really cute comedy staring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I can't say that it's a movie I'd like to watch again and again...but look at those cupcakes and macarons! I really loved that tiny bakery with its French atmosphere. Meryl's character Jane, besides being a successful restaurateur, is also shown here as a great housewife. I think there are around four or five scenes in this movie where she cooks. And I can tell that it's worth watching. Especially the one where she bakes croissants together with Steve after smoking weed.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

First of all, I should say that from my point of view, this movie should have won this year's Oscar. I'm still upset that it didn't because it's perfect: great sense of humor, talented actors (Ralph Fiennes was absolutely striking), style and music. Everything in this movie just seems to be so right. Of course, when we talk about it, it's impossible not to mention those Mendl's courtesans au chocolat. I think if I saw something like this in real life — I wouldn't even dare to touch it. By the way, not long ago I found a tutorial describing how to make those. And I can feel that the day when I try and cook it, is not too far away.

3. Julie & Julia

It's not just a movie, it's a great adventure which starts in Paris of the 1960s where famous Julia Child is at the very beginning of her cooking career, and continues into 2002, where Julie Powell finds her vocation in cooking the 524 recipes in Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" book, and writing a blog about it. Well this movie contains A LOT of food. And it's also very inspiring. By the end of watching it I usually am drop dead hungry and ready to become a professional cook each and every time. Eventually, my laziness takes over (of course) and for this reason I'm still just a designer who likes to eat. If you love food — this movie is so worth watching!

4. Chocolat

I watched it only once but it was enough to still remember it. Chocolat is a very elegant movie. Of course, a lot of this elegance comes thanks to beautiful Juliette Binoche. There's something in this woman that fills everything up with charm... mmm. She and chocolate go great together. This film also contains a bit of Johnny Depp. Personally, I am really tired of Depp these days, but in this particular movie he was "a bit" and "appropriate." And of course, I'm here to tell about chocolate scenes. Actually, I don't know what exactly to just has to see it because it's impossible to put in words. Great movie.

5. Ratatouille

I would give everything to have a cute cartoonish rat cooking for me. I think it's one of the most beautiful and delicious Pixar films ever. The characters, the landscapes, the food...everything is perfectly drawn. And once again with, my favorite, a French atmosphere with beautiful soundtracks. If you haven't seen this one yet — make sure to do it. While watching, have a glass of wine with some good cheese (I'd go for Brie, for example).

6. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Back when I was a kid, the first two parts of Home Alone were my favorite. Because these movies represent everything a kid can dream about: from staying home alone and doing whatever you want, to laying down in a beautiful luxurious hotel room and eating a giant bowl of ice cream. There were also those perfect scenes with pizza in limousines and grocery shopping for candies. That's just the right film to watch when you're seven-years-old and think that junk food is the best thing ever.

7. Marie Antoinette

I didn't really like this movie, but...THE CAKES! Look at those cakes! I think the director decided to save this movie by putting sweets, cakes, candies and champagne in almost each scene. I've no idea how Kirsten Dunst could remain so slim while eating cupcakes during the entire film, but oh well. Lucky her!

8. Eat Pray Love

I read the book before watching the movie. Honestly, I wasn't impressed by either, but I do like Julia Roberts. And I can name one reason why this film is worth watching - the pizza and noodles scenes. It's simple. She's beautiful, food is beautiful, her eating the food is beautiful. Just beautiful. That's it.

9. Notting Hill

The guy spills an orange juice on a movie star's t-shirt, and the wonderful film starts. I really love this one, it's so... cozy? Adorable? Yes, definitely. I can't say that Notting Hill contains any special food scenes (like eating or cooking scenes). But there's one which I really like. The moment when Ana first enters his house. There's this yogurt-like mess on his kitchen table and he starts proposing her very bizarre goods to try. Of course he does it in that charming Hugh Grant way that I love so much.

10. Harry Potter

But, of course! I would want to be there as well. I was 10-years-old when I read my first Harry Potter book. When I was reading those lines about their dinners and lunches at Hogwarts, I really wished for our school canteen to take after least just a little. I really love the idea of food appearing on my table after one gesture or spell. Oh my god... I just love the idea of Hogwarts being my school in general!


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