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Last night's The Walking Dead Season 5 finale revealed the Wolves, the two men (at least that's what we know now) behind the "W" on the walkers' forehead. Morgan wakes up in an abandoned car, looks to be in a good mood and proceeds too cook breakfast. Almost as soon an Morgan is done heating the water, the first member of the "Wolves" approaches and hold him at gunpoint. Morgan doesn't seem rattled, rather, he acts as though he's not threatened. The first member decides to elaborate on the meaning behind the "W": "You know the first settlers here, put bounties on wolves heads, brought the natives into it, made them hunt them. Didn't take them to long to kill them all they're back now." He later adds how the natives thought that the first man came from wolves. After that, he eerily says: "We're back now." Everyone who watched knows what happens next, The second member tries to ambush Morgan but fails as Morgan senses him and hits him with the walking stick. Morgan proceeded to knock them out, that had me up and down my house doing imaginary jump ropes haha! My question after all that is: "There's really only two of them?" These are the same guys that ravaged Noah's community. They left no survivors and just utterly annihilated his camp. One thing I learned from Last night is these two can masterfully manipulate their walker army to their advantage. That's the only way they could have ran through the camp Noah's family was staying at. What my gut tells me is that there are more than two Wolves. If they really want us to believe that the Wolves could be a threat to everyone at Alexandria, there has to be more than two of them. Then again, they do have their walker army

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