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So I came down stairs today to get the mail seeing what it was and thinking to myself this is odd i don't remember ordering anything & when i saw my name on it i thought you could this be from.

The little box said MoviePilot on it so i knew it must have been from the staff so i opened the little white box & inside was Loki not the real actor lol but a little Pop Funko version of him.

I was happy & shocked at the same time also their was a note which i will picture in the post so you can see what they said.

I called my dad just because i was shocked somebody sent me a free gift which this is the first time that has ever happened.

I'm not if i will open him or not i might just keep inside the box also being so cool he is a Vinyl Bobble Version which makes him even cooler.

His number is 36 in the line from the collection this will be my second pop Funko that i own i did buy the Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters which i did do a review of a while back.

I will take some pics of this cool little guy & show you to them it just means so much to know that someone cares for you & actually reads the posts that you make it just means someone cares about you.

I'm a fan of Thor the dark world so this means much more to me & i really do like Loki as a villain but i also like him as a hero.

Once again you guys thanks so much glad to know you like reading my post at least i know someone reads them lol.


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