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Have you ever watched a movie and longed for the chance to live in that world? From Hoth, Minas Tirith, or Panem, Hollywood has truly discovered a way to make these fictional locations seem irresistable.

I have since compiled the ideal vacation schedule for the passionate movie-lover, one that will surely make you want to go there and back again.

Day 1 - Hogwarts

11:00am - With a trip like this, it's best to start early. You'll first be picked up via taxi and taken to King's Cross station. From there, you'll be paired with a wizard that can get you onto platform 9 3/4, where you will board the Hogwarts Express.

You'll get to sit with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine as you ride towards the school. You'll great treated to the best of magical sweets, including chocolate frogs. You can even keep the collectible card as a souvenir.

All abooooooard!
All abooooooard!

6:00pm - Sure, the train ride was rather lengthy, but you get to spend the ride getting to know some remarkable witches and wizards. When you finally arrive at Hogwarts, you'll get to enjoy a sizable feast while you spectate the sorting ceremony.

8:00pm - From the Great Hall, you'll accompany Harry, Ron, and Hermoine to the Gryiffindor common room, where you will get to hang out the rest of the night before sleeping in the appropriate dormitory.

I know it seems pretty typical location to start out with, but think about it. It's the perfect way to ease yourself into things. You don't want to dive head-first into aliens and far-off planets. You'll go into shock that way, and the rest of the trip would be ruined!

Day 2 - Hogwarts, Floren

8:00am - After breakfast in the Great Hall, you will get to attend a Quidditch match (Gryffindor vs. Slytherin). After the match, you will accompany Harry and the gang to Hogsmeade, where you'll drink a few butterbeers before heading toward the docks, where you will start the second leg of your journey.

12:00pm - At noon, you will be picked up by the pirate ship Revenge. On-board, you will meet Wetsley, Buttercup, Fezzik, and Inigo (strutting around as the latest Dread Pirate Roberts). You'll get to play a little rhyming game with Fezzik until you arrive at the Cliffs of Insanity.

3:00pm - At the cliffs, you'll get to do a bit of rock-climbing. Don't worry, if you get too tired or if you don't think you can scale such a steep crevasse, Fezzik can bring you up on his back.

4:00pm - Once you reach the top, you can take some time to recuperate before starting your hike. You'll hike to some grassy hills, where you can stop for a nice picnic dinner.

6:00pm (optional) - If you are the more dangerous type and you're looking for some thrills, you can join Westley and Inigo in the Fire Swamps (Buttercup and Fezzik will hang back). There you can navigate around the plumes of flame and the lightning-sand. Who knows, maybe you'll see an ROUS or two (though I don't think they exist.).

9:00pm - After your day of hiking and rock-climbing, you'll get to visit Miracle Max and Valerie, but not for long. You don't want to be there when they start arguing. You'll get to sleep in a guest-house in Floren before leaving early the next morning.

Much of the Hogwarts trip was cut short due to the length of the Hogwarts Express ride, so those activities had to carry into the second day. While you are still getting used to the magic and mysticism, you can get into the more traditional vacation activities, i.e. rock-climbing and hiking.

Day 3 - Hyrule, Westeros

Disclaimer: Yes, I know that The Legend of Zelda is a video game, and I know that the Netflix rumors are still unstable, but come on, just look at that picture. Hyrule is perfect!

8:00am - Early in the morning, Fezzik will give you a strong white horse that you'll use to go for a pleasant horse-back ride to Hyrule field. From there you will be greeted by Link, who will give you a tour of Kokiri Forest.

11:00am - Just before noon, Link will take you to meet Princess Zelda, and she'll give you your own personal Ocarina (not the Ocarina of Time of course, that's way too powerful.

1:00pm - After a quick farm-grown lunch at Lon-Lon Ranch, you can go swimming with some Zora's in Lake Hylia. If you're up for it, you can do a bit more hiking up Death Mountain, but there are some hostile creatures on the path, so use caution.

3:00pm - At this point, it'll be time to leave Hyrule. You'll take your horse to a port, where a boat will pick you up and take you to Westeros.

5:00pm - You will immediately be taken to the greatest marvel in Westeros: the Wall. You'll take the lift to the top of the wall, where you can look upon the glory of Westeros, just in time for a majestic sunset.

7:00pm - Needless to say, it's cold on the wall, so you won't stay there long. You will be taken back to Winterfell, where you will enjoy Stark hospitality. If you're lucky, you might get to play with a direwolf or two.

The Zoras and Gorons of Hyrule will get you more used to the diversity you'll face on the fourth day, and it's a solid build-up for the week. Hyrule is full of tourist attractions, from mountains to lakes to giant castles. Westeros was also a no-brainer for this list. It is incredibly stunning visually, but the high-danger aspect resulted in a shorter visitation.

Day 4 - Asgard, Bespin, Coruscant

8:00am - After breaking your fast in Winterfell, you will head out into an open field, where Heimdall will call down the Bifrost for you, teleporting you to the realm eternal: Asgard.

10:00am - Although Odin may not treat a Midgard native with the warmest of hospitality, you will still be greeted merrily by Thor, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three. Just for fun, the five of them will have mock-sparring sessions with you. Don't worry, they'll be gentle.

1:00pm - After spending time with the warriors, you'll get to spend some time with Frigga and Loki. They'll teach you some rudimentary illusions and magic, just enough so you can show off to your friends.

3:00pm - Later in the afternoon, Odin and Thor will give you a tour of the weapons vault, giving you a thorough back-story about each important relic.

6:00pm - In the evening, Heimdall will use the Bifrost to send to a landing pad in Cloud City, where you will meet Lando Calrissian. He'll give you a tour of the facility before inviting you to a card game. Perhaps you'll be able to swindle him out of a ship, as Han Solo did with the Millennium Falcon.

10:00pm - Lando will then provide passage to Coruscant. Here, you will get your taste of the many different alien species that you'll be able to tell your friends about. You'll get to end the day in a lofty upper-class room where you can watch the bright lights of the speeders rushing by.

Day 4 is the climax of the experience. All of the casual activities will be peaked by visits to incredible destinations, bustling with dozens of different alien species. The whole day has a sort of science-fiction feel, and it'll wear you out a bit, but you'll have the fifth day to wear off the rush of the day.

Day 5 - Narnia, Middle-Earth

10:00am - After your stay in Coruscant, you will be led to a magical wardrobe that will transport you to the natural beauty of Narnia, where you will be escorted by a kindly faun named Mr. Tumnus. He'll take you to Cair Paravel, where you'll get to meet the rulers of the land, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.

1:00pm - Early in the afternoon, you'll be picked up by a giant eagle and taken to the Shire. There you will make your way to Hobbiton, specifically to Bag End. Bilbo Bagging will be there to offer you a pipe (even if you don't smoke, it's a nifty trinket). Gandalf also has plans to drop by, to impart a bit of age-old wisdom before your journey comes to a close.

6:00pm - Sadly, this marks the end of your journey. You will get to ride with Gandalf until you reach a portal to take you home. It's too bad that your trip has to end, but just think of how many memories you'll get to share with your friends!

These two are perfect for ending off this magical journey. You still get to be around mystical creatures, but the environment is much more relaxed. You need to be able to relax at the end of the trip, and the lush terrain and scenic beauty of both Narnia and Middle-Earth are a perfect decrescendo to this piece.


Which of these places would you MOST want to visit?


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