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On a Recent Edition of the "Best Friends at the Movies" Podcast, Hosts CJ Creech and Bryan Daniels made their picks for the Worst Films of All Time. When it came down to Number 1, they both had thought of the same film: Ax' Em.

Ax' Em DVD Cover.
Ax' Em DVD Cover.

Ax' Em was filmed in 1992 by the very legitimate sounding "2 Smooth Film Productions" on what was obviously a shoe-string budget. The film is exceedingly difficult to finish, as the seventy plus minute run time seems to stretch for hours. During a period of time where horror movies were still pushing the boundaries in gore and effects, this movie is completely bloodless and features such inventive deaths like being pushed out of frame and glasses being wiggled up and down(HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED). It does not help that the titular Ax featured on the poster and title is only used once and isn't even used to kill a single person. As it pertains to the people, It's very hard to discern names or characters, as the acting is so poor along with the audio to truly understand what's going on. From the Opening Credits(which featured a major typo) to the confusing ending, it wasn't even a competition for the number 1 spot on the hosts' list. Have you seen this film? If so, what did you think?
If you haven't, here is the unofficial trailer for it but we do want to warn you: It's just as bad as the film itself. Ax Em Unofficial Trailer

In your opinion, what is the worst film you've ever seen? Comment below in the Credits, and if you want to see what other movies made Bryan/CJ's list of Worst Films, check out their podcast on iTunes keyword: Creech Questions.

This is an ACTUAL screenshot from the intro.
This is an ACTUAL screenshot from the intro.


Is this the Worst Movie You've Ever Seen?


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