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The risk Michael Keaton took in playing an actor teetering on the edge of insanity paid off in Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). His performance earned him a Golden Globe award and landed him an Oscar nomination amongst a long list of plaudits.

Now he is set to play McDonalds' magnate Ray Kroc in an upcoming bio pic titled, The Founder. reports that shooting on the film begins in May.

Will audiences be interested in watching the story of a businessman made a colossal fortune pimping hamburgers?

I wonder. It hardly has anywhere near the sense of urgency of a Riggan Thomson, a man who was a living, breathing, walking nervous breakdown.

This is not to say The Founder won’t have an edge. The film tells the story of how Kroc, who teamed with actual founders, siblings Maurice and Richard McDonald allegedly pushing them out of the business and a fortune.

Such is not a flattering tale of rags to riches. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the planned release for the film is during the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. The Weinstein Company has the US distribution rights for The Founder.

John Lee Hancock is set to direct the film. His recent features include Saving Mr. Banks and Snow White and The Huntsman. Robert Siegel wrote the screenplay. His writing credits include The Wrestler and Turbo.

Keaton’s next upcoming films include, The Minions an animated feature set for a July release and Spotlight, where he plays Boston Globe editor Walter “Robby” Robinson, who lead a team of reporters in discovering a cover up of a massive sexual abuse scandal within the Boston Catholic Archdiocese.

No word on Spotlight's release date.

Ray Kroc
Ray Kroc

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