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This article contains spoilers- do not read below if you haven't yet seen Season 5.

Five months and 16 episodes later we have finally reached the end of The Walking Dead Season 5.

From the blood drenched confinements of Terminus, too plotting out their next move in a disused church.

Rick Grimes and his team have certainly battled the elements and have been reminded again and again that the zombie infested world is the least of their worries.

Season 5 gave us cannibals, a group holed up in a hospital , a scavenger biker gang and of course in the finale we were introduced to the Wolves- a group who seem the nastiest piece of work that Rick and co could ever have wished for. We'll be seeing more of them in Season 6 that's for sure.

Season 5 has been a rollercoaster of emotions with 4 deaths from the group, Rick and Carl being reunited with baby Judith, introducing new characters, Morgan's return and tons of violence and gore, some look away stuff. But hey at the end of the day this is a horror show.

One episode that didn't make the top 5, was the season finale- Conquer. Yes it was entertaining enough, but had a forced emptiness about it. And way too many plot holes. Glenn escaping that zombie attack- and we didn't see how? Father Gabriel's clean white t shirt after 2 zombie kills and having a lie down on the dirt road? And night time sure comes around quick, when it has to. Certainly a decent episode, but as finale's go nothing memorable.

So did Season 5 rock your boat? Was it the best season yet? Or a season to forget? Listed below are the top 5 episodes from this season.


This episode was like marmite to fans- you either loved it, or hated it. But Slabtown had a lot going for it, at the time. On reflection and because of the demise and perhaps how easy everything was reconciled it's easy to look back on this and forget it.

But Slabtown at least introduced us to new characters and most importantly brought us back into a city setting. After seeing so many trees and shrub this felt quite refreshing.

Officer Gorman is sleaze incorporated as this episode centers on Beth, who is a prisoner inside an Atlanta hospital. Ruled by officer Dawn Lerner, she believes she has the team and the system to survive, but Beth isn't buying it one bit. An interesting episode that showed the acting talents of Emily Kinney.


Remember felt like a new beginning for the show. Our characters still mistrusting and rightly so after the Terminus experience arrive at the Alexandria safe zone.

They are so 'out there' that you can't help but get the feeling that the safe zone have let in wild animals. Yes this group have issues, and this is what has been so appealing about this season, how the good guys can at times act like the bad guys.

We are introduced to new characters and Rick finally shaves the hedge off. This episode ringed changes for the team, but as Carol and Daryl prove that is near impossible for them now.


The mid season finale lived up to its potential as the hospital scene ended in tragedy with Beth's death. At least Dawn died too. Rick also seemed to turn all Shane on us, running down a cop, breaking his back and shooting him in cold blood. Okay the cop was kinda not a great guy, but even so, this just highlighted Rick's ever growing brutality.

Meanwhile Father Gabriel, Michonne and the rest of the group have to escape the church when a horde of zombies break through, but good old Abraham helps them via a fire truck.


A fantastic episode, gory, tense and fast paced. Deanna's son Aiden is the first to go when he shoots a zombie loaded up with its own arsenal. Not only is he impaled but zombies catch up to him and rip out his stomach. The explosion may have killed Tara too.....

Usually we stop here, but no Spend goes even further, with the now already infamous scene, the revolving door. Nicolas selfishly escapes but Glenn and Noah look like dinner. But it's Noah that gets it in one of the most violent Walking Dead scenes ever. Glenn is forced to watch his friends demise.

And still the pace never lets up- Abraham takes control of the building site in fantastic fashion wiping out zombie after zombie whilst laughing. Finally Gabriel turns on the very people that saved him and tells Deanna this group are not to be trusted. By the end of the episode you genuinely need a breather and a stiff drink. Great stuff.


Simply put the season opener blew everyone away. It felt like a high end action movie with its breathtaking cinematography and choreographed fight scenes.

Based at Terminus, Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob are moments away from having their heads bashed in and their throats sliced by the brutal cannibals that run the show.

Tons of gore and genuine dread in this one. But it is perhaps Carol who comes through as an Schwarzenegger esque shades of Commando saviour as she blows zombies and anyone else with a heartbeat to bits.

The episode is wrapped up by one of the most emotional scenes in the shows entrire run. Perfect.


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