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Nothing better than a movie or television show that completely takes me out of reality.
Matthew Culp

I was just sitting here watching The Tick on netflix for like the 8th time. (Why wouldn't I be.) Suddenly a thought occurred to me...

If given another chance would Patrick Warburton be willing put on the big blue suit again for another season?

so I do what we all do when we want to ask a celebrity a question. I went to Twitter.

Here is what happened.

"Of course" These two simple words have made many fans including myself Super Happy!

I am a huge fan of both The Tick and Patrick Warburton. He was the perfect guy for the part, an's still is. I would personally love for the show to return. With Arrow, The flash, Gotham, and Agents of Shield having huge success why wouldn't a goofy comedy about a big blue bug work?

I had written a post a while back asking people if they think The Tick would work with today's audience. I would like to ask the same question again.


Would The Tick work with today's audience?


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