ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

Sylvester Stallone created a bona fide box office bonanza when he gathered his friends and associates from previous action films in THE EXPENDABLES. The movie sired two sequels with a third currently in pre-production. Now Russian bodybuilder and independent action film producer Alexander Nevsky is planning a similar project with martial arts stars.

The movie is called SHOWDOWN IN MANILLA. Nevsky will star in the action flick along with martial artist extraordinaire Mark Dacascos. He has starred in a plethora of action films but is probably best known for playing the lead in THE CROW TV series. He will also direct the film.

In addition, the film will feature Don "The Dragon" Wilson, arguably the best martial artist in movies today; also woman's champion Cynthia Rothrock, Casper Van Dien, the sultry and alluring Tia Carrerra , Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Oliver Gruner, Matthias Hues, and Natalie Gubina. Andrzej Bartkowiak director of Romeo Must Die (2000) is producing the film. Legendary Al Dacascos will serve as fight choreographer.

Van Dien, who is a group member of the OUTTAKES Facebook page (, posted this photo of him, Dacascos and Carrerra mugging for the camera on location during filming.


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