ByDaVeon Jackson (DJK5OOOK), writer at

For all this time i am going to let you know hes not real i mean if he was the would be news about a tall man just stand in the woods i mean if he was really real do you think that lots of people would be looking for hes ass there is no damn way he could be real. Now we here about a man die in the woods from him if so how the hell it in up on YouTube, 'the way im saying this is because no one want to say he is not real a 12 year old girl got stab because of the dumb shit and we all no why slender oh no hes real he told these girls to try and kill a girl so he can be happy :) GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WHIT THAT BULL SHIT!!!!!! there is no way the fucking know him so how the hell that happen i mean i thought if you see him you might want to run like hell but o no this time he does not want to kill these to girls he wants them to kill a girl haha thats hella funny you know why cuz hes is not real. P.s i will talk more about him you you want more.


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