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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at the heart of many articles here on Moviepilot. Most come with the latest news, speculation or easter egg reveal. However, this article will look at how and when characters due to appear in the universe could actually appear. Marvel love to feature characters in movies other than titles relating to them. For example how we had a cameo of Hawkeye in the first Thor film or [Black Widow](movie:1070824) in Iron Man 2 before going into Avengers and Captain America the Winter Soldier. This article will look at the next four films and how characters could be introduced and cross-over, who else may appear in the movies slated by Marvel and how love could enter the Cinematic Universe.

Hiding Under a Code-Name?

Age of Ultron is nearly here!
Age of Ultron is nearly here!

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is set to arrive in just a couple of months! With lots of talk around Avengers 2 we may have forgotten how a character slated for a movie in Phase 3 could be introduced in this movie. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Now Marvel have already said she will not appear, but here is where it gets clever. We know Ultron is going to wage war on humanity on Avengers 2, so it is safe to say the military are likely to be involved. So what if a pilot in the Air-Force is simply written down as "Warbird" in the scripts only using her Air-Force call sign as a way to identify her. Then Marvel saying Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel are not appearing would be true, as she would simply be referred to as Warbird instead. It is the kind of half-truth they love to use in attempts to deceive fans. It is a good possibility as her role in Civil War during the comics is hard to ignore as she was one of Iron Man's big hitters for bringing in heroes who would not register.

Netflix meets Cinematic.

Marvel's Daredevil series is set to start next month, which will begin the run of five Marvel Netflix series. Marvel have stated that these Netflix series are linked to the Cinematic Universe and many have wonder how and when? Well maybe the answer is in a movie coming out this year. Ant-Man. We know Paul Rudd will be playing Scott Lang who is Ant-Man. His character Scott Lang is easily linked with the characters Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they are all members of Heroes for Hire. So could we see our first appearance of Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a post-credit scene to [Ant-Man](movie:9048)? The chances are pretty good as Heroes for Hire could be a potential film for phase 4!

Civil War Mass Cast

Now as I mentioned earlier, if Carol Danvers was in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron she could effectively be active as Ms Marvel (so she could develop into Captain Marvel ready for her film) in this film working for Iron Man. In the Civil War comics Captain America was forced to hide his forces as they were fugitives in the eyes of the law. So why not give us a good old WWII flash back to Steve Rogers meeting T'Chaka the king of Wakanda and becoming his trusted friend. Then back in the present day enter T'Chala, T'Chaka's son and now king of Wakanda and the current Black Panther. Marvel have confirmed Black Panther will appear in the film, but this is just a very likely way for it to play out. If they are clever they could even show Howard Stark in WWII, having him also earn T'Chaka's trust This way [Black Panther](movie:9047) can still be repulsed by Iron Man's actions and be in disbelief the man he had heard great things about had a son fighting to take away peoples' rights. Another good possibility to appear would be Power Man Luke Cage.

Much like Ms Marvel being a key general in Iron Man's army, Luke Cage was one of Captain Americas. Luke Cage was key to many of Captain America's plans so there is a good chance we will see the Netflix character cross over into the big screen. We could also see Micheal Douglas return as Hank Pym (Yellow Jacket) in this film and a lot more than what we did in the comics, and here is why.

Above is the core three brains behind the Pro-Registration side from the comic books. Iron Man, Yellow Jacket and Mr Fantastic. Mr Fantastic is owned by 20th Century Fox, so he is off limits to Marvel. Therefore we could see Yellow Jacket play a more prominent role in the film. What will be interesting is if Paul Rudd will feature also, and how he would play a role as his character Scott Lang was dead in the comics during Civil War. A character unlikely to cameo in this movie would be the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange refused to get involved in the conflict, as the Sorcerer Supreme could not take a side in the fight as his given duties did not include influencing the evolution of the super-humans' roles in society. Especially when there was no clear right or wrong to the conflict. He did later regret his lack on involvement in the Civil War, so perhaps we may see him in a post-credit scene before he stars in his own movie.

The Magic of Cinematic

With the Sorcerer Supreme set to introduce film fans to the magic side of the Marvel Universe, why not add in another magic user at the same time? Adam Warlock's cocoon was spotted in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) (image above), and is a prominent character in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. At the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy we saw the collectors collection explode and the fate of Adam Warlocks cocoon was left unexplained. It would not be difficult for them to come up with a way for Adam to appear in the movie ready to move into the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Even if it is simply us seeing him break free from his cocoon safe in [Doctor Strange](movie:559685)'s possession in a post-credit scene.


Who Would You Like To See First?

New Arrivals

Marvel do love to introduce new characters as the Cinematic Universe progresses. So now we will look at likely candidates for whom we may see enter the arena.

Nova has a very good chance of appearing. Given the Nova Corp featuring in Guardians of the Galaxy and the majority of their defenses being destroyed, the Nova Corp are going to have to come up with something quick. Given how they witnessed a small team take down Ronan the Accuser, they may decided it is time to train a Nova Corp member to be their guardian. He would likely appear for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and could cross into many titles after that point.

Wasp has a chance to appear in the coming Ant-Man movie. However who will be Wasp? Janet Van Dyne is not slated to appear in the movie, however a new character not in the comics Hope Van Dyne is. Now if Marvel do decide to have Hope don the identity as Wasp it would mark the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe is changing the identity of a character. Even though it is unprecedented does not mean it can not happen.

Beta Ray Bill could very well crash in during Thor 3: Ragnarok. Beta is a fan favorite to appear and given Marvel admitted last year they had rewritten their plan for Phase 3 to include Black Panther and Captain Marvel due to fan demand, Bill could be the next. The exciting part of Beta Ray Bill is how he is a character that can transition from film to film without much difficulty as he has appeared in many titles over the years.


Which New Character Do You Want?

Beyond this point with a kiss

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are a long running couple in the comics, even being married and having a child. This has caused Jessica to retire from the Superhero lifestyle so their daughter is never left one day without a parent. This is a relationship that could easily be developed throughout the course of the Cinematic Universe both in the films and Netflix series.

With Mockingbird joining the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in series 2 it is highly likely we could see her joining Coulson and crew into the big screen. A heated moment in battle could spark the fuse to start their love story in a Superhero world. This could then play very well into Secret Invasion if they plan to do the Secret Invasion story from the comics in the Cinematic Universe in the future.

Here is a relationship famous in Marvel comics and that is the love story of Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Given the Vision is getting a different origin story they can simply go for Scarlet Witch falling in love with him as apposed to her struggling with the fact in the comics the Visions memories were made up of her lover who was in a coma. If they do develop this relationship be prepared for love story like you have never seen before.

With the Inhumans getting their own film Crystal is highly likely to appear. In the comics she marries and has a child with Quicksilver. The interesting part is some fans have speculated that the twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are set to be made into Inhumans in the Cinematic Universe. If this does turn out to be true it could radically change how their love story plays out.


Which Love Story Would You Prefer?


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