ByAndre Tchakerian, writer at

A long time ago.. In a Galaxy Far..Far Way... Star Wars drifted into the imaginative hub of Dark Horse Comics. The good people of Dark Horse did a swell job as gate keepers of the force, but for whatever the reason it just don't grab me by the throat. Dark horse had a plethora of writers, stories and characters singing through the Star Wars galaxy spinning adventure after adventure. I would pull and grab a few of those adventures off of the rack, but always felt like Luke wanting to have that long talk with Obi Wan. I just plain gave up on the Star War books.

Then... BLAM!!! Da, Da, dah,ah da.. Bbb Da Dah! Marvel swoops with the power of the mouse! and strikes back! The day book arrived in the comic shop was a glorious day! Like being reacquainted with an old friend; a lost love. When I pillaged through pages I felt as though I was experiencing Star Wars for the first time. Oh have I missed imaginative adventures with Luke, Chewy and Han. It was all new, but familiar. The story; the banter and the graphics just felt right. Ah.. Marvel did a solid job. Marvel did it right. If you love Star Wars do yourself a favor and start to read this comic book. You cannot go wrong. The first issue sets up perfectly and ends with a cliff hanger leaving you wanting more just like the movies. I just never had that feeling with Dark Horse. The truth is the force is just strong with Marvel. Do yourself a favor and go out and buy into the adventure now.


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