BySara Garner, writer at
Sara Garner

Some may think that the idea of recreating a cartoon film, i.e. into live action, is a lame way to garner notoriety and fortune. The fact is, it really works. There is something exciting about seeing our favorite cartoon characters from our childhood come to life. Who can complain about seeing Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman (in Snow White and The Huntsman) taking on evil in the forest. The beautiful and enchanting Lily Collins as Snow White (in Mirror Mirror) fighting her way through villains to save her beloved kingdom. What about the alluring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent (in Maleficent) as a heartbroken magical creature who realizes she has the power to love despite being hurt?

The new twist in all of these fairy tales (albeit most of them remakes of Snow White) offers an exciting perspective of what technology and the presence of acting has to offer. When I watch each of these remake I don't find myself bored, I am vastly amazed at the performance and visual effects which remake a particular character completely over. I don't feel like I am watching the same film or character again. It is a completely new and riveting experience. Next time you watch a movie and think oh no, here is another remake of a cartoon... watch it with an open mind and allow yourself to experience a beloved character come to life anew.


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