ByGoddard BlackRafiki Ogutu, writer at

It has been announced that Hawkgirl is set to be in the Arrow/Flash Spin off show., and with that, came a name. Ciara Renee will be playing as the Thanagarian Warrior. With a new casting come more questions about the rumors of the Flash/Arrow spin off show to premiere this fall. Like this for starters, which background and what name will she be using? Will she Shiera Hall or Kendra Saunders? Pre-52 background or post-52?

Although, there may be a lot of questions as to what may go with, it will be good to see Hawkgirl on the screen. There many people who many be excited about this, just for the simple fact that Hawkgirl was apart of their childhood, because of the shows Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. It is also great to see that we can put a face to the character.

What are your thoughts on Hawkgirl being added to the show? Are you excited? Also, what direction do you think they will take the character?


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