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This won't be a long article, as literally under an hour ago I wrote an announcement of Ciara Renée's casting as Hawkgirl in the Arrow/Flash spinoff coming later this year (or early next year). Now, just as I wrapped on speculating who the remaining two characters to be cast are, one of them got cast! (Kind of a mixture of ecstasy and annoyance at myself here!)

We have confirmation, thanks to KSiteTV, that the role of "The Traveller" will indeed be fulfilled by RIP HUNTER, also known as the Time Master, and will be portrayed by Arthur Darvill - better known, for you Doctor Who fans out there, as Rory Williams!

In the series, Rip Hunter's role is described as "a roguish time traveler who hides the strains of being responsible for history itself behind a facade of charm and wit." In the initial casting call, where he went by "The Traveller," he was described as a

"Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm, this hero hails from the future, and has journeyed back in time on a secret mission. His razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict. He also harbors many secrets, always leaving both his teammates and the audience unsure of his true allegiances."
Note the Arrow/Flash characters? (GreenArrowTV.)
Note the Arrow/Flash characters? (GreenArrowTV.)

This leaves the current lineup and cast of the show with Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, Victor Garber and (potentially, though he's not signed on) Robbie Amell as Firestorm, Dominic Purcell as Heatwave, Caity Lotz as (presumably) The Canary, or another DC character, Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl, and now a still unfilled role.

That role is "Mystery Hero," who is

"an African-American male in his twenties will fill the role of a regular, street smart guy who unexpectedly gains powers, and then, as part of the team, regularly quips about the insanity of the situations."

Fans have listed Static as the most popular candidate, particularly given Warner Bros. reportedly had a Static Shock series in development not long ago. We'll get confirmation, it would seem, soon enough.

As mentioned in my other article, Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of The Flash and Arrow said way back at Paleyfest, when asked about the spinoff:

“I think by the Spring, you’ll know. We want to keep some surprises going, but we’re really excited about that series…. just to add another leg to the tripod, and complete it. We’ll get to see some of the characters that we’ve seen and introduce a whole bunch of new characters, and show them all in a different way, and have the show really feel different. As different as Flash feels from Arrow, this new show will feel different from both of them.”

In the comics, Rip Hunter is a character shrouded in mystery. That's not even his real name - "My real name isn't Rip Hunter. As a time traveler, I can't let anyone know what my own past is. What's to stop my enemies from suffocating me in my crib? Or doing the same to my father?" Also known as the "Time Master," he is perhaps DC's most time travel affiliated character, and is closely tied with Booster Gold - don't be surprised to see him popping up on the series eventually.

In terms of his abilities, he's an expert in the field of time travel- already introduced in The Flash, Episode 15, though he's not powered; it's all science based. But he's no lab geek. He's specialized in combat, and you can expect to see that transfer into the show.

Whatever the case, this DC TV Universe is quickly becoming the most expansive and longest running superhero shared universe out there. Here's the Hawkgirl article with all of the speculation I mentioned, a lot longer than this one - don't be surprised to hear from me again today with news of the third addition to the cast, because I really wouldn't be surprised if it's announced as soon as I publish this!


Are you excited to see Arthur Darvill play Rip Hunter in the Flarrow spinoff?


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