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Who has the best heroes, Marvel or DC? For this category, consider the impact of heroes on our culture, how they have been utilized in comics and other media. Consider which heroes resonate with you most and which jive with your beliefs. And don’t forget to think about who’s got the most bad-ass costumes, powers and gadgets as well. Also consider other Marvel and DC heroes who might not be on the list.


Captain America

The only successful product of America's super-soldier program and a man thrust out of his own time, Cap is America's finest soldier and a living symbol to all. He wields an unbreakable shield and once socked Hitler in the jaw.


An accident blinded Matt Murdock but enhanced his remaining senses, bestowing upon him a unique radar sense. As Daredevil, he is at once a swashbuckling hero, ladies’ man, shadowy ninja, and tortured soul.


After being exposed to a gamma bomb, Bruce Banner's inner rage is made manifest in the form of an unstoppable green monster. Banner seeks a cure for his condition, while Hulk merely wants to be left alone.

Iron Man

This drunken playboy found a higher calling when a brutal injury forced him to develop an advanced suit of armor to keep himself alive. He now uses his greatest creation to build a better legacy for the Stark name.

Jean Grey

A gorgeous redhead who has half the X-Men pining after her, Jean is also a skilled telepath whose potential is nearly limitless. As Phoenix, she has both saved and threatened the universe on various occasions.


Marvel's first superhero character, Namor is a Speedo enthusiast and the proud and haughty ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Also dubbed “Marvel's First Mutant.”


A bite from a radioactive spider morphed puny Peter Parker into the Spectacular Spider-Man. Uses his enhanced strength, webs, and sarcastic wit as weapons against his foes.


From humble pickpocket to goddess of the African plains to stalwart X-Man, Storm's control over the weather makes her one of the most powerful mutants in the world.


A powerful Asgardian thunder god who was cast down to Earth to learn humility among the humans. Thor now calls both realms home and fights tirelessly to defend them.


Canada’s biggest Molson fan and their most popular hero, Logan’s power set features adamantium claws and an accelerated healing factor. Prone to fits of berserker rage and being a loner.



This ruler of Atlantis is a man torn between the surface and underwater worlds. Fights tirelessly to defend the world as a member of the Justice League of America.


A vengeful billionaire devotes his entire life to dressing as a bat and pummeling the criminals of Gotham City. He doesn't need powers - he's the goddamned Batman.

Captain Marvel

A single word transforms young orphan Billy Batson into the World's Mightiest Mortal. Once more popular than Batman or Superman, his peculiar fashion sense even inspired Elvis.

The Flash

A connection to the Speed Force makes the Flash the fastest man alive. The Flash mantle has been passed down over the generations, and now an entire family of speedsters defend the citizens of the DCU.

Green Arrow

Vapid playboy Oliver Queen turned his love for Robin Hood into a higher calling. Like his inspiration, Green Arrow is a man of the people who crusades for social justice with a loud mouth and a deadly aim.

Green Lantern

Wielder of a ring that can generate anything through the energy of willpower. Green Lantern is a member of an intergalactic police force thousands strong. His power is limited only by his ability to overcome fear.


The original teen sidekick, and still the greatest. Robin is the flashy, colorful counterpoint to the grim and gritty Batman. The mantle has been passed down several times, but each has left their mark on Gotham City.


Cousin to the world's greatest hero, and still learning the ropes. Supergirl possesses all of Superman's powers and a similar commitment to Truth, Justice, and the American Way.


The first and greatest superhero. The last son of Krypton became Earth's premier defender and champion. Superman possesses incredible powers, including strength, flight, and the ability to disguise himself with a slouch and a pair of glasses.

Wonder Woman

An Amazonian princess from the remote island of Themyscira, Diana Prince journeyed into a man's world to bring a message of peace and hope. Not afraid to kick some serious ass when that message isn't enough.


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