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Kevin Stuczynski

Silver Linings Playbook is one of my favorite movies. While the whole cast did a phenomenal job, I could never help but wonder what it would be like if Adam Sandler was the lead role.

I mean the manic depressive traits are basically a rip off of an Adam Sandler character.

That's why I quickly whipped up some photos to show what it would look like if Adam had been cast as the lead the role. Check it out...

(Warning: average Photoshop skills ahead)

Silver Lining Playbook starring Adam Sandler:

Adam training in the trademark garbage bag sweatsuit.

Adam watching a classic Jennifer Lawrence freak out.

Adam getting scolded by obsessive compulsive father, Robert Deniro.

Adam and Jennifer learning to dance from Chris Tucker.

And finally, Adam and Jennifer after the Big Dance scene!

I apologize if you will never be able to watch Silver Linings Playbook the same!

Now if anybody out there has some video-editing skills, let's see you put together an awesome mock trailer for this movie!


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