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I'll spoil Walking Dead for you and use the Chi to save the world.

Sasha is a better Andrea than Andrea, Carol is a better Carol than Carol, and Michonne is.... well Michonne is always perfect! Who did you prefer?

Many people would find it very hard to believe that the people in charge of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) AMC hit series are the same. The stories are very different, but what's even more surprising is the fact that so many characters are nothing like their comic book counterparts. Here is where you get to vote for your preference. (Possible spoilers ahead)

Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun)

The lovable Asian pizza boy gone post-apocalyptic supplier is a fan favorite in both series. Husband of Maggie Greene with a one-time relationship with a beautiful, yet harsh woman named Lucille, Glenn's character has massively developed in both series from the kid who saved Rick Grimes to the family man dedicated to helping build a society for all.


Which Glenn do you prefer?

Andrea (Laurie Holden)

A fan favorite from the comics, the current love interest of Rick Grimes, and the sniper/sharpshooter of the group, many people felt so betrayed by how Andrea's character was cast/written into the comics that the character was subsequently killed off, only to later on be partially replaced by Tyrese's sister, Sasha. Although Sasha seems to have potential to be a great character, we can't help, but wonder what could have been.


Which Andrea do you prefer?

Douglas Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh)

There's no typo, you read that right. Although in the comics we were introduced to the leader of Alexandria in the form of Douglas Monroe, it came as a huge surprise when the character was reported to be played by a woman, but it seems to have payed off very well. Tovah Feldshuh has been doing a great job so far in portraying the former US congressman (congresswoman?). She has shown a lovable side as well as a more serious, leader side. Deanna's character development should be interesting to see after what happened in THAT season finale.


Which D. Monroe do you prefer?

Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan)

Starting out as a naive farm girl helping her father, Herschel out with the land, Maggie Greene's character has evolved to not only become a powerful member of Rick Grimes' team, but to lead a society of her own at The Hilltop, trading and interacting with Rick's Alexandria to build a better world for its inhabitants. A character who's come quite far since the beginning of the series, Maggie has become a fan favorite on both the show and in the comic books. It's interesting to see what the future holds for Maggie's alliance with Rick's Alexandria and Ezekiel's The Kingdom (don't worry, you'll hear about him eventually).


Which Maggie do you prefer?

Speaking of Rick Grimes...

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

The Walking Dead would obviously be nothing like it is today if it weren't for the dedicated and handsome leadership in the form of Rick Grimes. Although Rick has gone through just a bit more hardship in the comics in the form of losing his hand to the governor, there's no denying that he has gone through a lot on the tv show as well. Rick has gone crazy a few times in both series, but these tests placed on him have done nothing, but make him a stronger and more trusted leader. He single-handedly (no pun intended) started an entirely new civilization that welcomes any survivors of this "zombie" apocalypse. Andrew Lincoln has been true to the character and has been proving himself a great choice for the role of the Georgian Sheriff. It should be great to see how Andrew Lincoln plays the character through future personality changes, knowing all the road blocks he's about to meet along the way. This is what makes this the most difficult choice, but alas, one must be made...


Which Rick do you prefer?

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