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Justice has a number
Sam McGill

We are all excited to the anticipated Next Marvel film The Avengers Age of Ultron, giving us more and more depth into the M.C.U!

Get Excited Again By Watching The Trailer!

But in 2016 the M.C.U will or might get dark due to Captain America: Civil War. Marvel has the best and original story lines in cinematic film history.

But here are some of the expectations of what may or might happen.

1) Spider-Man is finally in the M.C.U!


You Glad that Spider-Man is free from Sony

2) Captain America is assassinated....

By this guy....

Who was ordered by this guy....

Red Skull
Red Skull


Should the Captain Die?

3) Iron Man will be against the Cap


What will Iron Man be doing in Civil war

4) Crossover with Agents of Shield

5) Coulson returns to the big screen

Witch Side Will You Be Joining In The Civil War


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