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Thankyou MTV for the help of this article. Really I stole it. but only to share with you.

We’ve gotten a retelling of “Sleeping Beauty” featuring Angelina Jolie as the misunderstood Maleficent. We’ve gotten a new version of “Cinderella,” as performed by the lovely Lily James, and soon we’ll have another “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson.

So who’s the next princess to get the live-action treatment?

This time, Disney isn’t looking to reinterpret a princess but a legendary warrior: Hua Mulan, the legendary heroine who runs away from home and disguises herself as a man to join the Chinese army against the oncoming Hun invasion.

For people who don't know who or what Mulan is here is the trailer to the 1998 animated film.

The story of Mulan is based on a Chinese folktale from as early as the 6th century AD, the original animated “Mulan.” They will have to complete with the 2009 live action film. Rise of a warrior, it is not a musical but still has the same story line.Its darker and not aimed for kids but we still need to learn about this film.

Mulan (2009) is a little bit more darker then the animated movie. Disney will probably not make it this dark. Can someone make a musical while being set in war torn country? For me personally this will be a very interesting movie. I hope it will be a musical.

Will Mulan be a musical like the animated one? If you have not seen Mulan, here is one of my favorite song from the animated Mulan movie.

I know the song "A girl worth fighting for" is about objectifying women but can music like this be placed in a movie without it becoming silly and stupid? Mulan story has deep emotional background can they balance this movie?

Will it be like mamma mia the movie? Think about it, Mamma mia has a song, Chiquitita, they care and confine in her to help her and try and feel abouself.

The way that tanya and Rosie try help is comedic and fits perfectly towards the general feel of Mulan In my opinion. This song reminds me of the Mulan song honor to us all and how they try and stereotype Mulan in being a women but it also has a comedic way about it.

Will they make Mulan like Mamma Mia? I believe so. But they could also make it darker like the 2009 live action Mulan.

Animated Mulan earned $304.3 million worldwide, and received several Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. Since then, the character has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to her appearance on the TV show “Once Upon a Time,” where she’s played by Jamie Cheung.

Not much else is known about the project so far, but according to The Hollywood Reporter writing team Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek are attached to the screenplay. Here’s what we really want to know, though: who will play Mulan’s trusty sidekick and guardian dragon, Mushu?

For one i hope they hire Chris rock again, he was great, at least he was not playing more then just one role in that movie.

I hope you liked my article.


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