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Real life is boring. We have work, kids, bills, marital problems, all sorts of things that get in the way of joy in our every day lives. That's why we take vacations. A vacation is a break from the stresses of your regular routines. We tend to choose vacation destinations that are 180 degrees from our regular lives. People who live in the midwest tend to go somewhere tropical on vacation, like Florida, California or maybe even Hawaii, while people from tropical climates tend to visit places like New York or maybe even Washington, DC. If you have palm trees outside your home and your office, you really don't want to look at them on vacation. So if we are attracted to vacation spots that are very different than our normal routines, what better place to vacation than somewhere that is 180 degrees from reality itself? I'm talking about a place where the celebrities are everywhere. You could be having a simple lunch in a nice diner and you could very possibly run into some of the biggest movie stars out there. Stars like... Donald Duck? Waitaminute...

Toontown is the place where the cartoons live in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. All of the cartoons live there, not just those from this studio or that studio (although it should be mentioned that Roger Rabbit was made by Beuna Vista, a division of Walt Disney Studios, so in the movie there were predominantly Disney characters), but every cartoon character from every studio and, presumably, every cartoon genre. A world where cartoons aren't just an optical illusion, created by hand-painted film cells and backgrounds, but they are filmed the same as any other movie. That is to say, the characters get on sets, in front of cameras, and they do their thing. You can hobnob with Daffy Duck AND Donald Duck. You can have lunch with He-Man and dinner with the X-Men. If they have ever been a character in a cartoon, then they live in Toontown.

In the original novel, Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Toontown was a little bit different. The Toons in the book were comic strip characters, and as such, they spoke in word balloons. I think the Toontown of the film was a lot more interesting. I don't want to spend my entire vacation reading and in virtual silence. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to spend their vacation watching Road Runner outsmarting Wile E. Coyote or watching Elmer Fudd blowing Daffy's beak to the back of his head? I know that would make coming back to work for me all the more bearable. And let's be honest, who would ever complain about having to come over to watch your home movies from your trip? Oh yeah, and who wouldn't want to have their drinks delivered by Betty Boop?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Narnia, Middle Earth, Fantasia... those are all nice places. But they just can't compete with Toontown as the premium fantasy vacation spot. I mean, can they?


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