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Star Wars.

The very name is synonymous with high-speed action, soaring adventure, and a lovable band of rogues fighting for their freedom against a tyrannical empire. Since 1977, the massive franchise has spawned a colossal fan base, several book and comic book series, video games, TV shows, and even trading card games. However, the one thing that makes Star Wars so iconic is its diverse series of planets, each with its own defining feature that made every battle and journey new and more fascinating.

But which planet would you like to visit? From the hundreds of known planets in the Star Wars universe, I have created a list of the best vacation spots for every kind of person. No matter what you feel like, I've got it here!

For the Camper - Endor

Location: Outer Rim

Length of Day: 18 hours

Length of Year: 402 days

Climate: Temperate

Surface Water: 8%

Hostile Life: None

About: A smallish moon orbiting a gas giant, Endor is best known for being the home of the Ewoks, the lovable Teddy bear-like people. If you want a vacation with some light hiking, camping in the forest, and maybe meeting the Ewoks, then the forests of Endor are for you. If you want a little bit of risk after the forests, then check out the storm-ridden Lightning Forests or the active volcanoes of the Molten Mountains! And, if you want to cool off after the hiking, Endor has several large lakes/small seas to swim in (with zero hostile aquatic life). All in all, this is the perfect spot for a light adventure and a little communing with nature.

For the Diver/Surfer - Kamino

Location: Wild Space (Beyond the Outer Rim)

Length of Day: 27 Hours

Length of Year: 463 Days

Climate: Temperate

Surface Water: 100%

Hostile Life: None

About: Moving up the scale of danger a little bit, we have moved beyond the outer rim to the world of Kamino. Now, a planet that is entirely water may not be ideal for some, but can be a paradise for others. Surfing fans will find a wealth of things to do. Using a hovercraft, high-tech surfboard, and gravity-generated waves, one could surf the oceans for hours and hours, always finding a better wave and yet never reaching shores. Diving enthusiasts, however, will find even more things to do. With a submersible launched from one of Kamino's many cloning facilities, one can explore the deepest fathoms of the planet, including massive underwater canyons, deep-sea life, and, best of all, the ruins of ancient civilizations that have long sunk beneath the waves. Keep an eye out, and you may even spot one of the massive aiwhas!

For the Relaxation Specialist - Naboo

Location: Mid Rim

Length of Day: 26 Hours

Length of Year: 312 Days

Climate: Temperate

Surface Water: Exact Unknown (Probably 50-75%)

Hostile Life: Moderate (sub-aquatic)

About: And we have reached paradise. Naboo's mild climate combined with the perfect mix of water and land make for one of the most luxurious stays on this list. Naboo's people believe in an ornate and comfortable lifestyle, and their architecture reflects this. Numerous lakeside retreats, large, open concept homes in the cities or the country, and huge exposure to nature make this a prime spot for a relaxing, stress free vacation spot. However, it is ill-advised to swim in a water source that has not been properly vetted by the proper authorities; whilst all of Naboo's terrestrial fauna is peaceful and safe, much of Naboo's water supply is linked by an underground cavern network, which houses some of the most lethal creatures in the known galaxy, including the opee sea killer, colo claw fish, and sando aqua monster. This should not deter from a good vacation, however, as most of the water that is available for swimming has already been approved, and even more is available in the cities as pools and baths. If you want the most relaxing and peaceful vacation possible, Naboo is the ideal spot in the galaxy.

For the Adventurer - Dagobah

Location: Outer Rim

Length of Day: 23 Hours

Length of Year: 341 Days

Climate: Murky

Surface Water: About 8%

Hostile Life: Minimal

About: This is for the person looking to shake things up with something different (please take note, survivalists!). Dagobah is a swampy, murky, mysterious world, with a hugely diverse ecosystem. While some of these creatures (dragonsnake, swamp slug) are aquatic or amphibious, many of them are land or tree based (bogwings, snakes, insects), but very few, if any are harmful. The terrain and wildlife are ideal for the survivalist, as much of the wildlife is easily made edible and shelter is created simply. Dagobah is the perfect spot if you want to make it on your own (some experience recommended).

For the Extreme Skier - Hoth

Location: Outer Rim

Length of Day: 23 Hours

Length of Year: 549 Days

Climate: Frozen

Surface Water: 100% (Ice/snow)

Hostile Life: Extreme

About: This is where we reach the extreme section of vacation spots. Hoth is a desolate, inhospitable planet suitable for anyone looking for a cross-country trek or skiing trip. Most of the native life of Hoth is completely hostile to foreign life, including wampas, ice bats, snow bears, ice cats, and snow hogs. Experience with firearms or an armed escort is highly recommended, or you may not get back alive.

For the Extreme Sightseer - Mustafar

Location: Outer Rim

Length of Day: 36 Hours

Length of Year: 412 Days

Climate: Hot

Surface Water: 0% (35% surface lava flows)

Hostile Life: Minimal

About: Caught between the two gas giants Jestefad and Lefrani, their gravity spurning the creation of a hellish atmosphere, Mustafar is a tiny, lava-ridden rock on the outskirts of the outer rim. Although hugely dangerous in terms of its environment, a trip to Mustafar is relatively safe, provided the visiting craft and place where you are staying is heavily shielded. If both these conditions are met, one can be treated to the massive, thrilling sights of erupting volcanoes, boiling lava flows, and lava falls that would make Niagra blush. If you're lucky, you might even make it back with a souvenir volcanic rock, collected by some of the best mineral harvesters on Mustafar.

For the Thrill Seeker/Safari Adventure - Tatooine

Location: Outer Rim

Length of Day: 23 Hours

Length of Year: 304 Days

Climate: Arid

Surface Water: 1%

Hostile Life: Extreme

About: Quite possibly the most dangerous planet on this list is a tiny, sun-beaten rock orbiting a binary star system. This small planet is one massive desert, and has one of the most hostile ecosystems known to man. The list of fauna that will attack people on sight is long, but includes acid lizards, howlers, hulak wraids, sand bats, and especially the alpha predator krayt dragons. Any of these animals can make for amazing dangerous game hunting, provided the correct tools are used. Not to mention the native Tusken Raiders, a group of intelligent, humanoid nomads who travel the desert and attack most intelligent life on sight. While here, one can take part in any number of activities, which include races, both with pod racers and speeder bikes, as well as exploring the canyons, dune sea, and even the famous Mushroom Mesa. As was advised with Hoth, an experience with firearms or an armed escort is recommended, as not only is the wildlife likely to attack, but the locals are also the type to assault and rob you, considering most Tatooine settlements are hotbeds for criminal activity. With the right equipment and skills, Tatooine could easily be the most exciting (albeit most dangerous) vacation you ever take.

So, there you have it, my list of the best spots to visit in the known Star Wars galaxy! Any I missed? Any I should have included? Give me your feedback in the comments below!


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