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I will continue right where I ended last time...

Sinestro, the one who trained so many Green Lanterns, grew so powerful in controling his will, that he started his own dictatorship. But when Guardians found out, they decided to send him to the Antimatter Universe.

(In another reality, Sinestro' s plan to defeat Parallax was based on half destroying one planet and pushing Parallax into star. Whole Green Lantern Corps togother grabbed planet by their constructions and pushed Parallax into star, where he was completely burnt down. But this plan took so many lives, that when the Guardians realised, how many deaths Sinestro caused by his carelessness, they decided to confiscate his ring and he was no longer Green Lantern of sector 1417 which was now under protection of another Green Lantern given by Sinestro' s old ring.)

Sinestro got terribly angry and started to hate Guardians so much that he promised them revenge for what they' ve done to him. In the Anti- matter universe, on the planet Qward, he found a group of warriors called Thunderers and also amazing weaponers, who forged him the Yellow Ring powered by the Yellow power of Fear.

He started to look for members for his petrifying empire of Fear, he seeked for those, who make others be afraid or who want revenge. Together, they defeated and enslaved the Thunderers and used them to build Fear power energy core, which powered their Yellow power batteries and Yellow power. They have poem to access their power batteries too:

"In blackest day, in brightest night,

beware your fears made into light.

Let those, who try to stop what' s right,

burn like my power -- Sinestro' s might!

Sinestro Corps fought Green Lantern Corps many times and they are one of most important parts of the Green Lantern' s Universe!

Next time: Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps!


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