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A new member in the family is always welcomed with open arms, so here we meant not mentally, but physically. A new baby demands much of alteration and one must be ready with the chances well before the baby arrives. Yes, you need to make the home baby friendly. A baby friendly home needs to have blunt furniture’s, no electronic gadgets lying unattended and of course the door locks should be manual. It is also important that you shop for your baby’s clothes well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. New parents often get confused to what to buy and what not to buy, while the second time parents make it easy. Here is a small guide that would help you in shopping smart:

• Pick the soft clothes: Those shinny and shimmery ones are obviously attractive, but those are not good for your baby. Pick the ones that are warm and soft. Babies don’t like those stylish fabrics and are comfortable in the breathable ones. So, don’t pick clothes that are attractive, but pick ones that you think would comfort your baby.

• No pullovers please:It is difficult to make your baby wear something by pulling it over their head. While picking clothes remember to pick ones that have front on back buttons unless you wish to annoy your little one, every time he/she soils clothes.

• No blankets: You may be compelled to buy those beautiful baby blankets that have the tiny cartoon character prints all over it, but please don’t use it for your baby. According to a recently conducted study, blankets cause sudden infant death which is better known as SIDS in medical terms. Avoid covering your baby in blankets; instead you can opt for wearable blankets or some extra layers of clothes during cold nights.

• Choose a size higher than your baby’s actual size: Babies are fast growers and outgrow their size faster than expected. Always remember to buy clothes that are bit larger than their actual size to ensure that they can wear it for longer.

• Do not get tempted by expensive clothes:Expensive clothes are always attractive, but before you pick them for your baby, make sure that they are worth the money. As said, babies grow faster and the costly clothes you have bought for your little one would last only some wears. If you still are determined to buy those designer clothes for your baby, shop for them during the sale. There is always a sale at the famous Nordstrom store. Shoppers can add extra discounts to their bag with Nordstrom coupons. Yes, discount coupons by Nordstrom offer heavy discounts on the entire product collection including kids wear.


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