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BitMar Networks has officially announced the introduction of its new website. As per its official website description, “iTVmediaCenter is a community-powered Internet TV portal and guide, offering access to millions of streaming TV shows, movies, music and live radio providers -- all securely filtered and organized!”

iTVmediaCenter provides you direct access to over 1 million movies and shows (mostly free and in HD), over 200,000 channels, live radio and millions of songs, distributed on the Web (all in one single place.) You get all the premium content curated for you, based on genre (Movies, Shows, Entertainment, Sports, News, Educational and International) and format (streamed live or on-demand.) You can always connect your streaming device to your TV, using an HDMI cable (or otherwise), making it your alternative to expensive TV service, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

The new iTVmediaCenter website is aimed at becoming a front-end portal to legal, high-end media content on the Web. The platform is mainly comprised of TV Network and Hollywood content, as well as OTT (Over-The-Top) independent channels and production entities.

iTVmediaCenter offers the ability for high-end content to rise above all the noise going on in their respective platforms (i.e. Veetle, Vevo, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) The main benefit the site offers the user is simplicity: Instead of users having to keep a list of several websites, users now can discover more high-end content, from all over the Web, from a single destination:


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