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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead TV show ahead. Watch yourself.

One of the biggest moments of the Season 5 finale of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) this past weekend was, without a doubt, the return of Morgan Jones, and boy what a return it was! After waiting the entire season to see more than a post-credit sequence of the lone-ranger we finally got our wish when the opening scene was pretty much just Morgan being a total bad-ass. However his impressive fighting and calm manner brought up a whole range of questions, the chief among them: Where and from whom did Morgan learn those skills?

Any long time fan of the show will be able to recognize the huge difference in Season 5 Morgan from the last time we saw him back in the Season 3 episode titled "Clear." In "Clear" Morgan was a man who had clearly gone over the edge following the death of his son Duane (and his wife who was already a walker in Season 1, episode 1). Fast-forward to Season 5, and Morgan seemed to have become a better version of his Season 1 self - he was rational, calm, collected and totally equipped to survive.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan, gave us all some clues to mull over while we wait out the tough warmer months until The Walking Dead returns in October. Speaking about where this new and improved Morgan came from he said:

"I can tell you that much like the transformation from the first pilot episode to “Clear” where there was an incident in the sense that Morgan lost his wife and his son—and we saw the affect that had on him in “Clear”—an incident has happened to Morgan again. He has come across someone who has kind of led him and redirected him to another path."

And when asked how much showrunner Scott Gimple had told James about Morgan's backstory, he replied:

"He told me was that Morgan meets a particular person who had an affect on him and he explained to me in very broad terms the specifics of that meeting."

Alright, there's the good stuff!

So who did Morgan meet? Personally, given his new demeanor, skills and also some of the phrases he used, I would put my money on a sort of Mr. Miyagi-type sensei, a person who has taught Morgan not only staff-fighting skills, but also a different way of looking at life, as summed up when Morgan told Daryl and Aaron "all life is precious." His belief in this sentiment was shown several times in the finale, from when he knocked out the Wolves, only after being given no choice, but chose not to kill them, and also when he risked his life to save Daryl and Aaron at the canned food factory.

Thankfully, Lennie James has confirmed that Morgan will be appearing in at least one Season 6 episode, which means we'll probably get to see a decent amount of Morgan's backstory, similar to what happened with The Governor, and Michonne in Season 4. I can't wait to find out who the person was who turned crazy-Morgan into the capable survivor he was through Season 5.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Screencapped


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