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Home. A place to feel safe. Somewhere to feel relaxed with no disturbance from the outside world.

But what if it's not as safe as we think?

Here are 10 terrifying stories that will make you make doubly sure you've locked all your doors and windows tonight.

10. Selfie!

If it isn't terrifying enough finding out that someone has broken into your home, imagine finding their selfies on your phone!

The woman who owns the phone was in the shower when this picture was taken, and it seems the man had let himself into her house, while she was there!

She says that the fact he didn't take anything of worth and seems so at home is really unnerving.

He is yet to be found, but he's wearing a wedding ring?! I wonder if his wife knows about his passion for home invasion? I'd like to think not.

9. He's under the bed!

This scary stalker story actually inspired the film Under the Bed, which was created by one of the co-directors of the Blair Witch Project.

It all started in Washington D.C. when Carlo Castellanos-Feria met Michelle Fredenburg-Onion at a hospital where they both worked. Sounds normal enough, until he started stalking her...

Copying a set of her keys when she left them unattended, Carlo broke into her home. After setting up a camera on her desk he would hide whenever Michelle and her boyfriend returned home. Where did he hide? You guessed it. Under the couple's bed!

He managed to do that for two days, until the boyfriend caught him, along with latex gloves, condoms, a change of clothes and a power-cord...creepy. If that isn't strange enough, when police searched Carlo's home, they found six framed photos of her, loads more pictures of her, and a video of her first wedding.

But get this, he had broken into her ex-husband's house to get the pics and the video. He was sentenced to 38 months in prison, I doubt Michelle let him keep any of the pictures to take with him!

8. Up On The Roof

This is a real image taken by the neighbor of Melora Rivers after she had climbed onto her roof for safety after a man broke into her home.

Christian Hicks is a local homeless man, with a history of mental illness. Melora was asleep when he broke in, but she heard him and managed to call 911 and hid on the roof until the police came.

The brave young actress has said she isn't scared to go back home, and more should be done to help people with mental illness.

What the man wanted with Melora is anyone's guess.

7. He's Watching you!

This is less a home invasion, more a twisted story of invasion of privacy.

After discovering a camera hidden in her bedroom on her 16th birthday, Jade Walsh told her mother who confronted the girl's trusted step-father, Martyn Darlington, about how and why the camera had ended up there. Martyn claimed that he had set up the camera to check that Jade wasn't 'misbehaving' with any of her boyfriends when they came over.

Yeah, right...

Turns out he was also filming her taking showers and going to the toilet. Not only did his computer contain 38 videos of Jade, he also had a collection of indecent images of children as young as six.

Luckily, he's now in prison, where it's now his turn to be filmed washing and going to the bathroom.

6. The Kennedy Sisters

March 5, 1984, Houston Texas. The father of sisters Yleen and Lillie Kennedy was to discover his two daughters dead, brutally murdered in their own home.

The younger sister, Lillie, had been found shot in the head. Her elder sister Yleen however, had been through a traumatic ordeal. She was found raped, beaten and stabbed to death.

No one has ever been charged with the murder, but a neighbor saw a suspicious looking man carrying a duffle bag around the time of the murders, though the man said he was carrying it as his wife had thrown him out of the house.

Was the neighbor face-to-face with the Kennedy sisters murderer? Maybe we'll never find out.

5. The Axe-Man

An elderly couple called Ralph and June Aldrich were just enjoying a normal day at home the day they were savagely attacked at their house in Washington.

John Chase was walking up the highway when he saw Ralph in his backyard. He shot the old man dead with a crossbow and then proceeded to enter the home where he subjected 83-year-old June to a horrific attack, repeatedly hitting her with a hatchet.

He then stole their truck and went to a friend's house. There he claimed that demons were after him. His friend took the truck back to the Alrich's house, where he found Ralph dead in the garden.

The police found June, savagely beaten 18 hours after the attack still alive, she later died in the hospital.

4. The Servant Girl Annihilator

An extract taken from an Austin newspaper in 1885 when a gruesome murder spree was taking place.

December 31, 1884 marked a year of terror for the city while the serial killer struck his victims.

Breaking into servant girls' quarters late at night he would partially lobotomize his victims by hammering a nail through their ears, rendering them unable to cry for help but still alive.

The never found attacker would then drag them away from their homes, rape them and, eventually, kill them.

3. Hidden under the patio

April 21, 2011, police made a saddening and sick discovery in Nantes, France.

The bodies of Agnes Dupont de Ligonnes, 48, and her four children: Benoit, 13, Anne, 16, Thomas, 18 and Arthur, 20, were found buried under their garden patio. They had been dead for over two weeks. All had been drugged and shot to death as they slept.

Their father, the prime suspect, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes, had disappeared without trace despite a huge police manhunt to find him. People have claimed to have seen him all over Europe, but many believe he committed a 'hidden suicide' meaning he chose a method so that his body would never be found.

2. Big Lurch

This is a pretty messed up story to say the least.

Bay area rapper 'Big Lurch,' real name Anton Singleton, was found guilty of the murder of his roommate, Tynisha Ysais, in 2002.

High on PCP, he attacked her and then ate part of her flesh. There were bite marks also found on her lungs and face.

He is now serving a life sentence for the crime.

A twist in the tale is that many people, including the victim's mother, think Anton didn't have a fair trial and was set up by Tynisha's boyfriend... so maybe there's still a cannibal on the loose.

1. The Cheshire Murders

It all seemed like a normal trip to the grocery store for Jennifer Hawk-Pettit and her two daughters Hayley and Michaela, little did they know that they were being followed by two men, Steven J. Hayes and Joshua A. Komisarjevsky, and of the horrific crime that was about to take place.

The family, along with the father, William, lived in the nice area of Cheshire, Connecticut and the three girls had been out shopping for food for Jennifer's birthday meal. The two men had hatched a plan to kidnap the family and hold them for ransom, but it all went terribly wrong.

After finding William asleep on a couch on the porch he was hit over the head with a baseball bat and held hostage in the basement of the family home. The girls were all held until the following morning when Jennifer was taken to the bank to withdraw a substantial amount of money. She managed to alert the bank manager who then called the police.

They didn't stop the intruders in time. All three girls were subjected to rape and then doused in gasoline, they, and their home was set alight, killing all three of them. William was the only survivor, managing to free himself and alerting a neighbor for help.

Both men were given the death penalty for their hideous crime.


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