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I've been watching movies all my life.I don't know how many I've seen yet.Some movies were beautiful.Some crap.I love horror,SF and fantasy.
Peter Pluymers

Professor Dumbledore wasn't able to save Harry this time. But I must admit that this ex-magician threw of his wizard robe with panache and passed the test with flying colors. After 5 minutes, I really didn't see him as the Harry anymore.

I don't think this movie should be categorized as a horror, but more as an old-fashioned ghost story like they were made in earlier years. It's more something like "The Changeling" and consorts. All the classic elements are reflected in this film: the lugubrious face watching from an attic window, the rocking chair, the wet footprints, the toys that start playing on their own, the footsteps in the attic, the candles blowing out suddenly, the long dark corridor and the shadows. All this placed in an "Addams Family"-stylish old building with miles of thick layers of dust and cobwebs. The ideal setting for a classic haunted house like at the fancy-fair.

The complete story is put together nicely .. and yes I would have moved away from that village already a long time. The funny thing in such movies is that even though the protagonist realizes that he's dealing with spirits, he always closes a door as a defense.

It was a pretty exciting movie with some scare moments in it. Not the I-jump-almost-to-the-ceiling moments, but surely there were some damn-I-almost-choked-in-my-chips moments.

Ok, the ending was predictable. It was obvious that Arthur would join his wife in the afterlife together with his son. But I rather had seen it the other way so he could break the curse.

All in all, I am huge fan of such horror films and this shows again that a horror or scary movie can be great, even without the gallons of blood flowing around.

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