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When DC and Warner Bros. announced that the sequel to Man of Steel wouldn't, in actual fact, be a sequel at all, and instead be a tale of Batman fighting Superman, it's fair to say that excitement levels were, in some quarters, completely off the charts.

I mean - it's Batman...fighting Superman. In a movie. What more can you want?

Well, as it turns out, once the movie received its full title - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - all many fans wanted was for the movie to have a name that wasn't so much of a mouthful.

Which it seems, might actually be a whole lot more possible than it might seem:

Could Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Be in Line for a Name Change?

It may seem a little unlikely - after all, a whole lot of creative energy (and money) has gone into promoting the movie as Dawn of Justice - and yet, if one hinted rumor is correct, it might be something we see happen in the near future all the same.

A week or so ago, Devin Faraci of BadAssDigest posted a rumor about just why Batman and Superman are set to fight in Batman v Superman - which, in and of itself, is intriguing enough.

He also, however, included one small, subtle reference to something else, something a little more practical: A name change, to be precise...

And all it took was a single asterisk attached to the film's title, and the following tease:

* currently the actual title, but we'll see.

Which, it seems, suggests that Faraci might just know something he can't tell the world yet - or just really doesn't like the name.

If it's the former, though, it raises the possibility that Warners Bros. is, in fact, considering a name change - which in turn raises one big question:

If Dawn of Justice's Name Changes, What'll It Change To?

Well, here are five possible options:

Batman v Superman: Public Enemies

It's a pretty huge long-shot, but if the whole BvS filming process has taken the film far enough away from its original script, it's possible that the film could end up being a close adaptation of the Batman/Superman: Public Enemies comic-book story-line that saw the two fight against Lex Luthor. It'd seem a more likely plot for a future Batman/Superman movie, but it's not entirely impossible that we'll see it turn up sooner.

Alternatively, the film could head the other way entirely, with:

Batman v Superman: The Dark Knight Returns

After all, we already know that the movie is set to be heavily based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, so could we see that reflected in a new - more Batman-centric - title?

It'd certainly appeal to anyone at Warner Bros. looking to emulate the incredible box office success of The Dark Knight series - though if that's the case, could they go all the way, and change the title to:

The Dark Knight Returns

After all, nothing says mega-bucks like the implication that the movie is a continuation of the classic Dark Knight trilogy - especially seeing as there's a good chance we'll see The Joker in there somewhere...

If they go for simplicity, though, could we instead simply see:

Batman vs Superman

No muss, no fuss - just what a lot of people expected the film's title to feature all along - Batman...versus Superman. And nothing else. By now most people for whom it'll affect their attendance already know that the Justice League will pop their heads in during the course of the movie - and for everyone else, the simple sales point of Batman and Superman punching each other would surely be enough.

Though, of course, we could also still see:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After all, the movie's title could of course not change at all - Devin Faraci isn't exactly known for his 100% batting record...

What do you think, though?

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