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Now, when it comes to major Marvel villains, Ulysses Klaw may not be the top of most fans' top ten lists. After all, Loki, Doctor Doom, Thanos, Magneto and (ahem) Fin Fang Foom are all just that little bit easier to love.

That, though, could all be about to change, as it's now looking increasingly likely that Klaw - as played by Andy Serkis (above) - is set to have a pretty huge part to play in the next few years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Y'see, not only is he set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, as the ever-more-imminent movie's trailer revealed a while back...

...but also, from the sounds of Andy Serkis' recent comments at the Empire Awards, in a bunch more Marvel movies.

Ulysses Klaw WILL Return

Serkis, y'see, was careful to reveal very little about his role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, largely just officially confirming that he is, in fact, in the movie...

"Well, I think I can absolutely confirm it's Ulysses Klaw now because I think the news is out...I sort of noticed that people [on the red carpets] sort of knew that I was Ulysses Klaw, so I thought 'It must be out then.'"

...but the one detail he did add seems to more-or-less guarantee his presence in further Marvel movies:

"It was really minimal, but I just loved doing it; it's a great character".

After all - if his part in Age of Ultron is as tiny as he seems to imply - which would make sense, considering there's a whole lot else going on in the movie, too - then the odds of him having a hand in the Black Panther's origin within the movie seem pretty slim.

Instead, then, it looks as though:

Andy Serkis Will Be Back for Captain America: Civil War

Or, at least, that seems far and away the most likely outcome of all this.

Now, sure, he added the proviso that he had no idea whether he'd be back for another cinematic outing as the character, and when asked whether he'd return could only say:

"That, I know nothing about".

But the funny thing about that seeming denial? He followed it up with:

"I truly don't know anything about that. I know that they've just announced the Black Panther movie, but I don't know anything about it."

However, combined with Anthony Mackie's recent comments regarding Marvel not telling their actors whether they're in any given movie...

"That's how Marvel rolls. When you see somebody and they say, 'We can't tell you,' that's because they don't know."

...and the fact that Black Panther seems increasingly likely to receive his origin story in Captain America: Civil War (seeing as he's been confirmed as having a fairly substantial role in the movie, and likely won't have time for an origin story in Age of Ultron) which, notably, Klaw is a key part of in the comics, it sure does seem like Serkis will return sooner rather than later.

At the very least by the time the 2018 Black Panther solo movie rolls around - but I'm betting we'll see a lot more of Klaw before then...

What do you think, though?

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