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Season 6 of the The Vampire Diaries just keeps on going at it all guns blazing with its face paced and gripping storytelling, but once again the latest episode has left us with a handful of burning questions that we need answers to.

Below are the Cliffhangers from 'A Bird in a Gilded Cage' that have the fandom all a quiver on the forums this week.

1. Who Will Get the Cure?

Just when you thought you'd seen the back of it for good, the cure is back and in Damon's capable (or possibly slightly rash...) hands.

The question is, who will be chugging down this mystical potion and feeling the warm blush of humanity flowing through their veins once more?

There are a few candidates floating around at the moment, and here are the main people I think could be in line for the cure.

  • Elena - Elena might have grown into being a vampire, but she mourned her humanity for a long time after she was turned. The biggest clue about the cure being sent her way comes from the synopsis for the next episode though. The phrase in question is that "Elena discovers Jo is pregnant, prompting her to reevaluate her own life as a vampire."Hmmmm...
  • Lily - There is a lot of chatter than Damon will give the cure to his estranged mother, but I can't really see the logic behind this choice just yet. Lily Salvatore was clearly a very dangerous vampire in the past so maybe she could be given the cure to ensure she can't harm anyone else again?
  • Stefan - Lily Salvatore is being widely held as the emotional crutch that will turn Stefan from the dark side, but if that doesn't work then maybe Stefan could be forced to take the cure to disable him?

2. Can Lily Salvatore Really Be Trusted?

Lily Salvatore has been gone for a long time, and the writers didn't bring her back to be a loving mommy.

While she has been honest with her sons and shown care for their safety in the brief interactions we have seen with her, she also seemed pretty unhinged when she laughed at how Stefan murdered her husband.

Also, lets not forget her weird desiccated posse and the as yet not totally understood reason she was condemned to the prison world in the first place.

3. Will She Really Be the Secret to Stefan's Salvation?

As I briefly covered in point one, Lily Salvatore is being widely touted as being the emotional trigger that will help Stefan throw his humanity switch, but are you guys all totally convinced by this?

Personally, I'm not so sure that realizing that the mother that he associates with pure innocence and goodness is actual an undead, criminal vampire will go so well for Stefan...

But, if Lily isn't the key, who else could bring Stefan back. Do you guys have any ideas?

4. Could This Be the End of Kai?

After Bonnie gave Kai a brutal taste of his own medicine and left him imprisoned in Lily's prison world could this be the end for the leaser of the Gemini coven?

I suspect not seeing as the writers have obviously been trying to work on Kai's character to make him a more likeable figure after he became an unlikely fan favorite, but how will he manage to make his escape alone?

If anyone is a survivor it's this dude, but does he have it in him now his sociopathic tendencies have been dampened by absorbing Luke's empathy?

5. What is Going to Happen with Bonnie Now?

Bonnie is gradually unravelling and finally putting her foot down after being everyone's doormat for so long, but what is going to happen to her and her emotional well being now?

With Jeremy gone, it's only a matter of time before Bonnie will inevitably become a love interest again and the two likely candidates are both hyper inflammatory.

The whole "You have nice palms" comment from Kai has increased speculation that these two über powerful witches could get it on at some point, but Bonnie's devotion to Damon at this point is undeniable.



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