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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

We already know that a wedding between Damon and Elena is not on the cards in the future episode of The Vampire Diaries just yet. Speaking of Delena's potential union, Ian Somerhalder put us straight:

"Nope. Think about it this way: Damon’s 173 and Elena’s 18 or 19. I mean, come on. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.”

Not too promising.

What could Nina Dobrev's wedding-like photo from set mean then?

Personally, I believe that even though Delena are not getting engaged, there is reason to believe that perhaps some other couple will be tying the knot.

Nina recently posted an image of co-star Candice Accola standing in front of a light reflector on set. She appears to be in a fancy dress and all dolled up, making us wonder if the crew are filming a wedding scene. Take a look!

What could this possibly mean? Could Steroline be getting married or are we finally going to see Jo and Alaric tie the knot? There are so many potential options!

The original marriage rumors spread when the writer of the show, Neil Reynolds, recently tweeted an emoji of a diamond ring to describe a future episode. Whether it was last week's or an upcoming one, it is not clear:

Could the photo be implying something else altogether?

Perhaps, it is not a wedding that's shown in the picture. To some, it appears that Caroline is dressed like her normal prim-and-proper self so maybe this means that she is finally in control of her emotions?

Whilst you wait for the next episode, set to air on April 16, check out the drama-fueled promo in the clip below:

Could Caroline have taken the cure!?



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