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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are only five episode of The Vampire Diaries left in this season, and this is the point in the series where we have to start preparing ourselves for the end.

With so many awesome episodes and storylines behind us, here are my best guesses at some of the things that will probably happen to blow the finale up with a bang, but which ones do you agree with?

An Epic Betrayal from Lily Salvatore

With Kai's changing personality and uncertain future in the prison world, he doesn't seem to be the seasons true big bad anymore, and I have a sneaking suspicion about who that might be...

I have always been deeply suspicious of the Mama Salvatore storyline, and I'm certain that this blast from the bast has been brought back to deliver an emotional sucker punch in the form of a serious betrayal.

Damon and Stefan better watch their backs, because I think things are going to get ugly with Lily just when they least expect it.

The Gemini Coven Returning to Claim What's Theirs

The mysterious Gemini Coven has been the glue that's held this season together, and there is still so much more for them to dig their witchy little fingers into when it comes to the plot of season 6.

For a start, their new leader Kai is a criminal who was evil enough to imprison forever, so I would imagine they would be quite eager to check in on him and let's not forget Jo and Alaric's baby. Or should I say babies...

These guys are totally having twins, and I have a feeling the rest of the gemini coven will already have plans for them that could mean the families happiness will be short lived.

I'm pretty certain a visit from the 'weird' witchy coven en mass is inevitable before the end of this season.

Matt Turning his Back on the Supernatural Forever

Matt has once again been left on the fringes of season 6, but I have a feeling that he might finally be able to sink his teeth into a suitably meaty plot line.

The supernatural has not been kind to Matt and season 6 could be the time for him to step up to the plate as a protector for Mystic Falls' mortal community instead of tagging along blindly with his vamp buddies.

After the death of Tripp and the upcoming trouble teased in next weeks episode, Matt must be sick to the back teeth of the constant danger and drama of his hometown and now he's maturing rapidly, maybe he will be driven to do something about it.

Something Big for Bonnie

There is no doubt that Bonnie is going through a huge change at the moment, and there's bound to be something big in store for the gifted witch before [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) season 6 comes to a close.

Bonnie's lineage makes her incredibly powerful and influential in the witchy community, but she has never utilized her power to it's true potential. Now she is sick of putting everyone else first and being a follower, Bonnie is bound to grow in confidence and carve herself new pathways.

There is also the question of romance for Bonnie now Jeremy is out of the picture. There is no denying her affection for Damon, but could this turn from friendship to romance and, more importantly, would Damon want that?

If Bonnie is rejected right now, then I have a feeling she wouldn't just sit back and accept in no matter what the consequences...

Whatever happens to Bonnie it better be something huge because I'm loving her character so much this season!


What do you think is most likely to happen at the end of season six?


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