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Mark Hamill voiced The Joker in Batman: Animated Series, and it looks like he channeled a little bit of that inner-Joker in his role as The Trickster from the episode aptly entitled "Tricksters" in [The Flash](series:1068303).

It airs tonight on The CW and looks like it's going to be a stellar episode. You may recall, recently, our very own Catrina Dennis was able to sit down with Mark Hamill at a special screening of [Kingsman: The Secret Service](movie:713143), which he had a really cool small part in.

He's a legend, and it seems he's getting plenty of work still at the age of 63. Anyway, check out the "Tricksters" promo below!

It looks like there's going to be a point when they interrogate him, and he finds out there's a new Trickster in town who wants to "steal [Hamill's version's] legacy".

This looks pretty legit. Are you going to check it out?

'The Flash' airs Tuesday at 8/7c



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