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Currently, the Star Trek franchise is only exploring the final frontier on the big screen, however, if Hollywood mumblings are to be believed, it could also be set to make a return on television as well.

Talk of a potential Star Trek television series has been sizzling on low-heat since 2006. It seems the success of the movie franchise (as well as its alterations to the story) actually dampened the development of a television series - potentially due to concerns over budgeting. Now, it looks like CBS is at least willing to give the idea a new shot, as they are reportedly looking into bringing Star Trek back to the small screen.

I should stress at this point that this news has not officially come from CBS, but from insiders known to It's also not known if CBS has already greenlit a project, or whether they're simply once again looking into the viability of a Star Trek series.

Back in 2006, there seemed to be two main contenders for the potential Trek series: Star Trek: Reboot the Universe and Star Trek: Federation. The former was developed by Bryce Zabel (writer, Dark Skies) and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) and actually made it online in PDF form. However, it now seems the JJ Abrams' movie reboot of the Star Trek franchise may have 'invalidated' their Trekkie treatment.

The second project was developed by producer and novelist Geoffrey Thorne and was further conceptualized by Robert Burnett, Bryan Singer, and Chris McQuarrie. This series is less of a reboot, and more of a future-boot, moving the story far ahead of both the Deep Space 9 and Voyager series. You can remind yourself of the opening of that classic show below:

Titled Star Trek: Federation, the story would have concerned a small group of peacekeepers operating within a fragmented and much altered Federation. LatinoReview gave the following description:

Federation would have seen the titular group reduced to a mere peacekeeping force as the old ways broke apart. Vulcans withdraw from the United Federation of Planets and reunify with the Romulans, the Bajorans of Deep Space Nine would have also withdrawn and become a planet full of religious monks, like a “Tibet in space.” The Klingons wouldn’t be as warrior-obsessed anymore, but would instead be warrior mystics. The Ferengi would have a female Nagus. The Cardassians would have abandoned war and become an artist/philosopher race.

LatinoReview claims they do not know which of these pitches, if any, appeals most to CBS, although it does suggest the clues point to Star Trek: Federation. Firstly, it fits in nicely with the film franchise story, while Bryan Singer's name was apparently mentioned as a possible Executive Producer in connection to CBS' Trek TV series. Furthermore, Robert Burnett, one of the producers who helped to conceptualize Star Trek: Federation, also produced Star Trek: Axanar - a 90 minute fan-made film set in the Star Trek universe.

Although not officially connected to the possible television series, LatinoReview suggests CBS will be watching the eventual release of Star Trek: Axanar closely, as it will show how much potential interest there is in a Star Trek story delivered on a small budget.

Source: LatinoReview


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