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Traveling all across the world is one of the perks of being an internationally recognized celebrity, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Cultural differences and social mores can get in the way of what an artist typically does, and when a government REALLY doesn't like someone, there's one easy method to keep them out.

Here's a collection of celebrities who have been banned from traveling to certain countries for a variety of reasons including criminal charges and raunchy performances.

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown was denied entry into the U.K. for being guilty of a serious criminal offense (in this case, abusing Rihanna).

2. Martha Stewart

Like Chris, Martha was denied entry into the U.K. for her serious criminal charges of conspiracy. Definitely never thought I would be comparing Chris Brown and Martha Stewart, but here we are.

3. Brad Pitt

Pitt is banned in China after starring in the movie Seven Years in Tibet, which explores the Chinese military campaign in Tibet in 1950.

4. Martin Scorsese

The prolific director is also banned in China for making the film Kundun, which details the life of Tibet's 14th Dalai Lama. Scorsese has also spoken out openly in support of Tibet.

5. Alec Baldwin

Baldwin was deemed an "undesirable alien" in the Philippines after he made a joke on Letterman about getting a mail-order bride from the country.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was forced to cancel a concert in Indonesia after the country denied her permit. National officials and Islamic protesters objected to the risqué nature of her show, worried that it would corrupt the children.

7. Akon

In Akon's video "Sexy Chick," a Buddha statue is clearly visible behind a provocative pool party full of scantily clad women. Sri Lankan Buddhists took offense and started protests in the nation's capital. As a result, Akon was denied a visa to enter Sri Lanka.

8. Miley Cyrus

After previously getting banned in China for an offensive photo where she's slanting her eyes, Miley Cyrus has been banned in the Dominican Republic for "acts that go against morals and customs."

9. The Beatles

In 1966, the Beatles headed to the Philippines for a couple concerts. They were invited to join former President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda at their palace. Supposedly, the Beatles did not receive all the information about this appointment and politely declined. This "snub" as many saw it caused a political uproar with crowds booing and jeering that ended with the band angrily fleeing the country, vowing to never return. Not a conventional band, but too good of a story not to tell.

BONUS: Hayden Panettiere

While not technically banned, Hayden Panettiere probably won't be heading to Japan any time soon. They have a warrant for her arrest after Panettiere, a vocal advocate for protecting sea life, interfered with a dolphin hunt there.


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