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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

A Redditor named QazzyA, a big fan of The Vampire Diaries series, posted a fascinating question just over a week ago: How bad does need to be for a Prison World?

Before we delve further in, let's just take a moment to remind ourselves what these places are.

The Prison Worlds are alternate planes of existence that were once created by the Gemini Coven. According to Kai and as far as we know, there have only ever been two - the 1903 one where Lily Salvatore was trapped and the 1994 prison, which was occupied by Damon and Bonnie before they returned using the Ascendant.

Take a look at Kai being banished to the prison world in the Season 6 to get a glimpse into what these alternate worlds are really like:

What is so horrific about the worlds?

Naturally, nobody wants to get stuck in one of the places because they represent a state of limbo that would turn even the most sturdy of minds slightly crazy:

  • The worlds play out a temporal loop, repeating the same day over and over, a fact that its prisoners are also aware of.
  • When here, the prisoners do not age or die.
  • There are other vampires trapped here too.
  • The only way to access these worlds is via the Ascendant.

To get oneself in such a tricky situation, the individual has to have done something pretty bad. The question is, however, how bad?

We know that Kai killed some of his family, making his father trap him in the world. It is also suggested that Mama Salvatore must have also committed some terrible acts to get herself into one - even the Rippers were after her!

What about Klaus?

Yet, if Klaus has performed countless unspeakable acts over the centuries, QazzyA wonders why nobody tried to trap him there!

Possible answers:

Naturally, a few fans of the show had something to say about Klaus in reply. In particular, GrumpySatan had a few ideas.

This user suggests that:

"If we are going by the show's story/implicit hints it would be because of the conditions needed to create them."

1. For one, the prison worlds need to involve the leader of the Gemini Coven, who must know the exact location of the person they want to send there. The problem with Klaus is that he was forever in hiding because of Mikael. He also had many witch accomplices who could warn him of a Gemini advance.

2. Secondly, a powerful celestial event is needed to create such a world. A full-moon is simply not enough and an eclipse of aurora are very rare.

3. Finally, a Bennett witch is needed to create the prison. However, many would be very reluctant to use such as "other side" spell.

But is this theory spot on?

MissBee37 seems to think so. The creation of a prison world is such a complicated procedure, that with the case of Klaus, events simply didn't line up at the time to banish him.

However, this user also suggests that perhaps those only within the Gemini's capabilities can be captured and maybe, one of the most aggressive Originals, is simply out of the question.

So, could it be that the Gemini can only trap those bad enough to catch their attention, but not so powerful that they couldn't be caught?

If this was the case, then Lily would be the perfect candidate. The theory goes:

"Maybe the Gemini weren't enough to snag someone like Mikael, one of the Originals, but Lily wasn't powerful enough to escape/avoid their grasp. On the flip side, maybe someone like ripper Stefan was never bad enough to catch their attention. It's clearly stated he was a serial killer, but I wouldn't think of Lily's magnitude."

Additionally, it is also important to consider that Ripper Stefan always had someone like Lexi or Damon holding him back, stopping him from getting noticed. As far as we know, Mama Salvatore does not have this security, hence why she got caught.

Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below!



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