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Watching this Mash-up by Dreamscience named "Subconscious Cinema" gives you chills and thrills at the same time, I suppose a lot like the dreams it is trying to emulate.

We have all pressed the snooze button more than once to carry on having that lovely dream because we want to know the ending, and all sat bolt upright when a nightmare becomes too much to bear.

The beauty of the subconscious mind is, it can't be explained. It's pictures and people and odd situations.

At times I've wondered how did that person I haven't seen since High School end up talking to me last night? Or why was I arguing with a talking owl over a shoe? To the scary nightmares about accidents or losing a loved one that are so tragic your whole body reacts to wake you up.

I guess it's just the craziness of the human imagination. Sometimes it takes us to strange places, and our inability to explain it, makes it so much more special.

And this video captures it perfectly.

Scenes from films like American Beauty, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Matrix, Dumbo and The Wizard of Oz.

Using Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross from The Social Network and including extracts from Waking Life, Spellbound and Inception it depicts the surreality and beauty of what it's like to dream.

Check out their website here.

And watch the video below. Sweet dreams!


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