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There are many different versions of the cast for the upcoming movie The Spectacular Spiderman,airing in 2017. Here is my own personal version of the cast for this upcoming movie.

Dylan O'Brien (Peter Parker)

This was probably obvious. Dylan's dream actually is to play Parker/Spiderman. Personally,i think he is a great match for this role. He's not only got the looks,but he has that humorous side to him,that is absolutely essential for the role of Peter Parker. It would be really entertaining to see Dylan play Spiderman.

Jane Levy (Mary Jane Watson)

She may not look a lot like Kirsten Dunst,who played Watson from 2002-2007,but she sure has talent. Levy has starred in many movies with an urban-evil-comedic theme to it. I think she would do really well as Mary Jane, she is able to portray many mixed emotions and feelings,as seen in Evil Dead and Fun size.

Evan Peters (Harry Osborn/Green Goblin)

Harry Osborn's character is quite dark. So is Evan's acting. He already does a significant job at playing multiple star characters in the hit show, 'American Horror Story',where his characters are always revolved around something dark or evil. Seeing him as Harry would bring a new dimension to not only his career,but to the MCU. Sure,Harry Osbourn is not entirely a dark person,since he had a close friendship with Peter Parker, Evan represents this with his friendship/relationship with Violet in season 1 of AHS. Peters has already been seen as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past,in which he did a excellent job at,so why not bring him as Harry Osbourn?

Leonardo DiCaprio (Norman Osborn)

Leo as Norman Osborn literally screams out "man who owns the biggest damn industry ever who wants to kill a boy in a red and blue leotard". Leo has been seen playing many roles,mainly consisting of,well,not exactly evil,more like cunning and sly,i guess. Seeing him onscreen as Norman would be a real surprise. We haven't seen him in the MCU,and if he was introduced to it, we'd be in for a real treat!

Sally Field (Aunt May)

I know, she is currently playing Aunt May,as seen in The Amazing Spiderman (2) 2012-2014,but she does such a good job at it. She isnt TOO old or too young either. Sally is able to portray May really well,as a depressed(Uncle Ben's death) Aunt who is always worrying about her only shining light in her life now,Peter. Seeing her continue as Aunt May would be excellent!


Margot Robbie (Black Cat)

Many female villains in Marvel are underused alot of the times. I'm not saying all. Margot would be EXCELLENT to be seen as Black Cat on the MCU. She is able to pull off the 'cunning,serious' type of character,as seen in I.C.U and Focus. She would be a real gem to have in the MCU, i also think she'd create a new era for female villains in the marvel universe.

Amanda Righetti (The Beetle - Janice Lincoln)

Eventually becoming part of the sinister six, The Beetle sure takes a kick out of Spiderman! Righetti has already made an appearance in the MCU, playing as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent in Captain America - The First Avenger. She would be the right person to play her,because firstly, she has experience playing similar roles, in the concept of her role as Whitney in Friday the 13th. It was quite dark, since in that movie, her character killed. In other words, she has experience playing as a somewhat evil-ish character. I think she'd be good as The Beetle,dont you?

Jackie Earle Haley (Carnage)

Jackie Haley,Freddy Kreuger
Jackie Haley,Freddy Kreuger

I've heard a lot about this guy. The fact that he's terrifying. That he's got a great resemblance with Cletus Kasady. This iss what makes a great carnage! I know he's a bit on the older side, but this guy means serious business. Have you seen him as Freddy Krueger? Yeah, pretty horrifying. If he's able to do such characters, Carnage will be an absolute breeze for him, i'd be so excited if he was picked to play him!

Rhys Wakefield (Vulture

When i watched him on The Purge, i just knew there was something special about him, that'd make Rhys a perfect villain on movies such as Spider-man. And there's something about his face, which, to me, gives somesort of resemblance to how Vulture looks like, i can't point it out though. But seriously, Rhys is really good as acting as something creepy, nicely creepy, just, plain creepy.

Thats all for now! Be sure to keep checking this page for updates on my cast!


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